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Need Doc Advice for Portland OR


Hi all. I've been on TRT for about 2 1/2 years and been treated by a great doctor in St. Louis. Recently moved to the Portland OR area and am looking for any help I can get finding a good TRT doctor. My previous doc knew of a couple in Seattle, but looking for something closer. Thanks in advance!


There are 7 stickies in this forum. One is “finding a TRT doc”


I’m aware of the stickies and have read / used it when I first started TRT 2 years ago. This post was simply to try and find out if someone had a recommendation. If I saw a similar request for an area I lived and had a doc I was happy with, I’d help a brother out. Just looking for similar help. Thank you for the truly invaluable information you post on here. It is a big reason my last doc was willing to work with me rather than stick hard and fast to the outdated thoughts of many other doctors, and this guys is a major name in traditional TRT; he created the ADAM test so many guys use as step 1 in this journey. Again, your input is appreciated more than can be said.