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Need Direction

Hi. I’m 15 and am looking for a workout routine. Now, before you go calling me lazy for not using the ‘search’ option on this website, i’d like to inform you that i have read a lot of articles on this and other sites. It has helped a little bit as far as what kind of lifts i should be doing while at the same time left me scared and confused. There are so many programs out there and I have no idea which one is best for me. Furthermore, some of the lifts described sound complicated and though i would LIKE to do them I don’t want to take the risk of injuring myself. Now, this isnt to say that i’m not open to learning new lifts, just not horribly complex ones.

Here are my goals/capabilities so that you can well… help :slight_smile:

OK, So i have been playing football since about 4th or 5th grade and am currently a freshman weighing in at 150 pounds and standing 5’10" tall. My size has never been a problem until now.

I just finished my freshman football season around say... november.  I did pretty well starting on both offense and defense.  Now that freshman football is over we're allowed to play on either the varsity or JV teams.  Obviously i am hoping to make varsity.  The only thing holding me back is the fact that the JR's and SR's are on average quite a bit larger than me.

Currently i play runningback and defensive end. That being said, i would like to not only gain weight but strength in ALL areas of the body (especially lower body) by next football season. Spring camp starts in 5 months.

The equiptment i have available for use is as follows:

-power rack (parabody, no lat attachment)
-300 pound weight set (+olympic bar)
-inclining/declining bench with leg curl/extention attachments
-learned good basic lift form (squat/bench…) from a strength coach

All of this can be used @ any day of the week due to the fact that it is in my basement :slight_smile:

Oh, and my current workout routine is basically just full body monday wed. and friday.

So… suggestions? links? tips? Ideally the routine would be simple and effective. All and any are greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance. (sorry if i carried on a bit too much)

hey man, go to the search, type in “frequent and furious”, click on the first link and do that workout. it doesn’t look like much but i did it for about 2 months and my squat went from 200 even to 265, bench went from about 160 to 200, and deadlift went from 210 to 285. if you want strength, this will do it. oh yeah, if you want to gain weight, buy a weight gainer and add two shakes a day to what you are already eating. thats what i do and i am 5’7" tall and about 146 right now. i have put on about 8 pounds in the past three weeks (mostly on a BB program)but i atribute most of that to finally starting to eat enough.
being naturally skinny sucks ass, but all you can do is push through it. that workout is awesome, it WILL work for you.
“be the hammer”
BTW-i am 16

Both of you are lucky to have found T-mag at your ages. There are beginer workouts and for Football, Waterbury’s The next big 3 would be good. It is based off of Bill Stars Football training. Good luck.

Sorry bud, but I think it is too generic of a post. We need to know how long you have been training for, whether you have been using machine weights or free weights, whether you have muscle imbalances etc. You also need to know the right repetition range to be working in, as well as exercise order, tempo, rest periods etc all based upon ‘your’ needs.

As far getting direction goes, you’ve chosen the right place. However, sometimes those with the knowledge to really help you out will refer you to an already written article. Of course, if someone has already said it better then why try to state it otherwise.

That said, if you want a specific training program geared to your needs you’ll have to provide us with as much information as possible. All we really have to go on now is height and weight. Please give us more info.

In the meantime…EAT. If you need mass you aren’t going to get it eating birdseed. Pick up the fork and cram some food in every 2-3 hours.

IMO - the best goal for you is NOT to set yourself up for injury. This = muscle balance and selective recuitment = Ian King. If you were to perform his 12 week program (upper & lower body) at this early stage in your development you be better prepared for more advanced work in the future. Also, learn as much as you can about flexibility. This will also help tremendously in preparing you for more advanced work.


In your post you noted that you have learned good form already. That’s great make sure to maintain that form as it will allow you to make progress and continue making gains.

AS a HS baseball coach I highly reccomend this article at elitefts
http://www.elitefts.com/documents/training-high-school-athletes.htm Jim Wendler wrote it. He played D I football at Arizona and is now an Elite Powerlifter he has a couple of other football articles. Also do a search on elitefts q&a for football questions as I believe it is coach x on there who is the strength coach at Arizona State.

Good Luck