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Need Dieting Help on First Cycle

I’m looking for some advise on how my diet should look.
Im on my first cycle. Kickstarting 50mg dbol ED for 4 weeks. 500mg test E/week and bumping to 600mg/week on week 5.
I’m 31years old, 197lbs 12 - 15% body fat. Years of experience training.
I’m asking because I cook in the oil fields in northern Canada. I work 12 hrs a day for 21 days straight. I dont have enough time to eat 5 or 6 meals a day.
Currently I eat breakfast - bowl of vector or 1 cup oatmeal and 6 eggs
Snack- all grain roast beef sandwich and grapefruit.
Lunch - 4oz salmon and lots of spinach.
Dinner- consists of either 2 chicken breasts or equal amounts of fish or red meat, and salads.
I’m drinking mutant mass bulking protein powder for my carb intake and the added 1100 calories split up through out the day and I drink gnc iso burst 50g protein sometime in the day.
I haven’t counted these calories but with mutant mass powder I’m guessing it’s around 3000 calories a day. The protein powders itself is 100g of protein and 300g of carbs. So my meals added with that should be well over 200g of protein a day. I train 6 days a week. Push legs pull. 1.5 hrs a day. Any advise or constructive criticism would be great. Thanks

Invest in a few bags of almonds, some cheese sticks, and a shitload of hard boiled eggs. They can all be eaten quickly with no utensils and they’ll give you added calories whenever you need them.

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Cool. Again I work in a kitchen and have access to everything. Its just my job is very time sensitive. Maybe bagging up some of that stuff after my shift for the next day

Only Advice I have is ditch the mass supplements. That shit is garbage. It’s full of crap it can put weight on but generally not the kind you want. You’d be much better off getting simple carbs in a pinch from white rice then you would the crap that’s in mass builders

I’ll keep an eye on my fat hains but did a lot of research on this powder and everything in it is said to be good ingredients. I’ll run the powder this time around it’s only a 30 day buy, and stop if I’m not getting the right gains want. 80$ for it just dont want my money wasted is all.
I started out at 189 lbs I’m 3 weeks in and weigh 202 almost no additional fat gains. More input and info would be great. This is all new to me.

Mutant mass builder protien powder

Ok for starters almost 100$ for 24 servings. 4 scoops is 1 serving that means 4 scoops equal what’s on this list.

Whenever you see words like. “blends” or “matrix” that’s a.big red flag.

Carbo blends in this case you have no idea where this 192g of carbs is coming from some most likely most of it is from the cheapest carb in this. “blend”

Moving on

“pro-matrix” this is a Protein blend you have 6 different proteins listed with hydrolyzed and isolaye be the highest quality proteins on the list also making them the most expensive to manufacture. I guarantee you hardly any of this 56g of protien comes from that they are gonna fill it mostly with the cheap milk based protiens

If you insist on getting your quick carbs from a powder get a singular source. Either dextrose, matodextrin, or waxy maize they all break down. Different some people can’t handle dextrose it will just lead to fat so they go with a slower option. (I still reccomend food over any of these options)

For protein get a singular protein source I’d recommend optimum nutrition gold standard 100% whey protein powder and for slower their casien protein powder.

You will save yourself thousands of dollars in the long run and your body and muscles will thank you

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Thanks for the info. I’ll watch closely to what happening to my body. I’m kinda stuck here where I work till the 26th. I work in the boonies hours away from anything. So I’m kinda stuck with what I’ve got now. But I’ll revamp my supplements when I get home at the end of the month.