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Need Diet/Supplement Advice

I’m needing suggestions for the best way to maximize my results with the products that will be at my house tonight when I get home. I would like suggestions for when and how to incorporate my new supplements into my diet for maximum effectiveness. I lift at 5am 5 times a week, incorporate 30min walks 5 days a week and 3-4 days a week throw in a second session of weights (mostly ab work) in the evening.

This is a break down by hour of my current diet and exercise schedule.


4am wake up-coffee (no sugar)
4:45am- 1hr heavy lifting (on an empty stomach, I do just fine without food and am making strong gains)
6am-PWO shake (protein) multivitamin and 4 caps fish oil
6:30am- 4 whole eggs
9:30am- 5.5 oz of chicken boob half serving of almonds
12:30pm- 4oz turkey burger, cup of veggies (they vary usually celery)
1:00pm- 30 min fast pace walk
3:30pm- 5.5 oz of chicken boob half serving of almonds
6:30pm- 5oz of meat (varies) and cut of veggies (vary, usually Brussel sprouts or broccoli)
9:30pm- 1 tablespoon natural peanut butter with celery
10pm- bed

Through out the day I drink tons of water, hell I pretty much drink nothing but water with the exception of the morning coffee.

Goal: Weight loss/retain muscle (aren�??t we all)
Stats to date: 33lbs of fat lost since Jan 08, another 25ish to go.
3-Metobolic Drive

Here’s the question for all you folks who aren’t as nutritionally challenged as I, where in this plan should I insert my supplements and would you replace some of my meals with shakes? Thanks in advance.

This sounds about right to me or was my plan to begin with, should have included it.

4:45am- Surge half serving
5:30am-Surge half serving/ BCAA
6:00am-Grow!/HRX//Fish oil/Vitamin
6:30am-4 eggs
12:30pm-Metabolic drive/HRX

that seems a decent plan to me, what i’m interested in is how you survive on 6 hours sleep!

[quote]darraghoconaill wrote:
that seems a decent plan to me, what i’m interested in is how you survive on 6 hours sleep![/quote]

People ask me that all the time, I just do I guess? I’ve been getting up at 4am for years, I do admit there are times I fall asleep watching TV at the end of the day.

Thanks for your input, I’ve never taken more than just a protein shake or two a day, this is pretty up there for this nutrional moron (but I’m learning).