Need Diet Help!

Hello everybody,this is the first time i post message here.i’m a little bit fat(around 15%),i’ve been training for 7 years already…when i start any diet, almost everynight i’ll have the sense of food craving…so i’m almost eating pizza everynight…i want to lose fat fast, and keep it off, while a the same time i want to gain strength, maintain muscles (without using steroids)…any idea?
(one more thing, i’ve use ephedra+caffine supplements, now is not response to those things anymore)
i just want a diet plan…thankyou

search for “T-Dawg Diet 2.0” Read the article, then eat exactly as it suggests. This should work pretty much perfect.

i try that diet…
but i’m so worry about it’s a “high-fat” diet…will it give me harmful effects??
if no harmful effect, then i’ll follow it exactly…

The fats that you’ll be consuming for the most part on this T-Dawg 2.0 diet are good fats. I interpereted the article to say to eat lots of fats including: Olive oil, mixed nuts, flax seed oil, salmon, etc.

I think your concern with higher fat diets revolves around the notion that all fats are bad? Anyway, I don’t think everybody’s body works well with a higher fat/lower carb diet, but I found mine does. I would follow some of the supplement recommendations that Chris made w/in the article.

BTW, this diet kicks ass for losing fat if you adhere to it properly.



Not to flame you, but you say you are affraid of the fat in T-Dawg2 yet you also state you are currently eating Pizza everynight. Something doesnt add up.

Give the diet a go as written. If you need help running the #'s and such post all your stats and I am sure many of us will lend a hand.

Also do yourself a favor and read the “Fats Round Table I and II” articles. These will explain many of the benefits of all types of GOOD fats in a breif yet complete series.

Sorry I dont have the link right now, just do a little search.

Hope this helps. Read up, come on back and post any and all stats concerning your training, diet, and physique, as well as any further ?'s and we will all be glad to help when we have a minute to spare.

By the way it is a VERY SOLID diet plan when followed correctly, and it is versitile enough to manipulaate to any individual and any goal.

See ya