Need diet help

Hey T Men. Ok i have been on the anabolic diet for 2 weeks, actually 2.5 and i’m having alot of trouble. First off i went matience the first week at 2500 cals and it didn’t seem to help me much., my lifts were down a bit , and my bf seemed to increase, i’m 180 lbs 18 yrs oldand 5’9 . I never hit ketosis either . i know thats not a big anabolic deal but i was around 20-30 grams of carbs a day.Then i did only a 36 hr carb up instead of the 48 hr and i’m taking in 2100 cals a day now…trying to cut up now and then maybe adopt a zone approach. Only problem is i tend to put on alot of weight when taking in 200 or more carbs and I thoughtthe anabolic approach would be right up my alley. It seems like if the matinence went shitty i’m gonna hafta bulk a different way. so now i wanna get down to about 8 % or 7% body fat before i bulk i’m at about 9 or 10 % right now i suppose…i gotta get some ne w calipers but experience says i’m at about 9 or 10. I really don’t know what to do…i’m also pissed off becuz my metabolism is so slow…when i’m eating carbs i can maintain on 2200-2500. so i guess this is a rant/question. please if anyone has any ideas …i would greatly appreciate em

Is this your first time dieting? If it is, I’m not sure I’d start w. the ketogenic diets since you have to do them a few times before you fine tune them. If you do want to stay with it, you’re likely carbing for too long, especially if your metabolism is slow. Try 24 hrs. instead, and if this still doesn’t work don’t carb haphazardly like the Anabolic diet advocates. Base your total carb intake on your LBM and split it up into 12 meals, your first two being typical post-workout shakes and going smaller, more complex carbs after that. Also, the less fructose/sucrose you consume on your carb-up, the easier ketosis is to get back into. You might consider alpha lipoic acid during the carb-up as this will help clear the glucose out faster, making it easier to get back into ketosis. Another thing you can do (from Lyle McD) is the morning after your carb-up do 45 min/1 hr. of very low intensity cardio such as stationary bike or walking on an inclined treadmill. It’s much easier to get back into ketosis this way. Watch protein to fat ratios too. Most people use 12-13x bw as a calorie figure for fat loss, then figure your protein (.9 g/lb or 150 g, whichever is higher, then subtract approx. 100 cal. from carbs. The remainder is FAT. The only problem I see w. the Anabolic diet is they aren’t very detailed on what you should do. Oh, one more thing: If you truly are 9-10 percent bodyfat (get this tested as most people underestimate), you don’t have a slow metabolism either. Good luck!

Oh, I forgot something. If you’re using ketosticks to determine if you’re in ketosis or not, be advised that you may actually be in ketosis and not have it show up on the sticks. The best times to check for ketones are first thing in the am or right before bed. If you notice your breath and urine odor get really nasty, this is a good sign that you’re in ketosis. But don’t get obsessive over the sticks, and a trace reading is every bit as good as the deeper purple readings too.

Thanks teddy good info…i have dieted mny times before…in a previous post i sted i was 220 at 5’7 with around 35 % bf…so i know trials and tribs…but never done a keto diet. if you only take in 20-30 g of carbs but aren’t in ketosis shouldn’t the weight still come off…or does taht juts mean all that high cal fat ur eating is getting stored?..i’m realy starting to lose it here

Hang in there - ketogenic diets take practice and they get easier every single time.

One BIG difference (in my opinion) between the Anabolic Diet and a more standard CKD is that you eat minimal fat during the carb-up on a standard CKD but eat whatever you want till you burst on the Anabolic Diet. If you’re looking for fat-loss results, and it sounds like you are, eat as carefully during the carb-up as you do during the week. This way, at least anecdotally, you will be stuffing glycogen stores with carbs and can continue to burn fat more smoothly. That’s been my experience - it meant cutting back on full fat ice-cream and minimizing pizza and high-fat junk food during the carb-up, but it was a small sacrifice. Good luck