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Need Diet and Supplement Suggestions

Little background, I am 46 and going to go balls to the wall on a serious diet and training program I have been looking at the Anabolic diet any thoughts there?

I am 214lbs and lifitng 20 years can you recommend some supplements that do everything steriods do with all the benefits and no side effects lol just kidding but seriously I am looking for diet and supplement advice. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

We need more information.

BF %?
Current Diet?
Current Training Program?

BF % 23-25
Height - 6 feet
Diet - 4 meals per day - started watching portions closer
Training - one body part daily m-f and starting cardio 2 days a week
Lifestyle - 9-5 in an office on the phone and computer wekends active around house with kids most physical activity during workouts
Budget - within reason what I need to do my health and how I feel about myself is extremly important

You might want to increase your metabolism first. If you are at a desk job at work, there will be a good chance for you to increase ur meals to 5-6 meals a day right?

Perhaps start changing ur diet to smaller meals?

I’m not sure when you workout.

Cut a bit more carbs from your diet and perhaps start off your day with egg whites + whole eggs and oatmeal?

Snack- Perhaps an apple with yogurt or some almonds
For lunch, chicken breast with salad or tuna , or turkey

Preworkout - gatorade + BCAA
Post workout
Protein after workouts, perhaps try a green supplement as well? BCAA + protein + some sort of carb

Dinner - Salmon, lean beef or whatever meat you didn’t eat for lunch, brown rice and veggies

then before bed, have some almonds and protein or cottage cheese.

try something like that, just don’t over eat.

Train hard.