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Need Diet Advice


Hey people. I'm 18 years old and a strongman competitor. I weigh about 195 pounds right now with visible abs. I just started college a couple weeks ago.

I need to weigh 230 lbs by next spring. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT FAT GAIN. I am blessed with good genetics for being lean. I literally eat mcdonalds, taco bell, sugar, cupcakes, cheese, high carbs, and I still remain very lean.

Now, here's my problem, and this is the reason why I eat food that is "bad for you". I have the world's WORST appetite. When I try and force feed myself I throw up. Is there something wrong with me, like the acids in my stomach? Sometimes I'll be really hungry, take two bites out of something, and then lose my appetite completely.

Now here's the thing - I can eat a LOT more if it's something like taco bell, cupcakes, cheese, peanuts, ice cream, etc. Normal foods upset my stomach acids. So because of this, I rely on a lot of liquid calories (LOTS of protein shakes), and crappy food. However, even with crappy food I can push myself to the point of puking.

Now my question is: If I'm taking in the right amount of calories in supplement and junk food form, what will happen? Remember, I don't care about being fat. In fact, I actually NEED some stomach fat just so I can support the bar when doing continental cleans with an axle. So if I continue to get my calories from protein shakes and junk food, will I be fine?


If you are having trouble eating clean foods, look up date tate's log over on elitefts.com. He had the same problem and you can learn how he overcame it. Dr. Berardi helped him as well as some other knowledgable guys.

If you love crap food so much (and who doesn't?), then just try to stomach as much as you can. The added calories will get you where you want to go. Try to get lots of liquid calories in, even if you aren't hungry. Chug a shake, then chug another one. Be creative. Eating isn't that hard to do. Good Luck


I remember reading about that, and I sent in a question on EliteFTS, but never received a response.


The easiest way to add calories is to actually add in those hidden calories. Like oils, butter, fats, etc. Mix olive oil in your protein shakes.

The reason you can handle more crap like Taco Bell (bastard...) is because it's mostly carbohydrate-based food and empty calories. It is always harder to stomach solid food, like meat, starches, etc., if you aren't used to it.

To put it another way- 100g of food at Taco Bell may be 500 calories (totally making up numbers), but in order to get 500 calories of clean solid food, you may need to eat 200g. You understand?


I actually struggle with carb based foods. I never have much appetite for wheat breads or spaghetti. I do notice a big increase in my appetite if the food is spicy, like chinese food.


Wait till you turn 20. HAHAHA.


Good, I can't wait.