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Need Diet Advice: Post-Workout Meal Timing

Hey guys, so basically before the quarantine I started working out with a personal trainer on how to lift and eat healthy. He recommended at the time to eat a hour before working out and a post meal hour later with additional meal 3 hours later.

At the time I was working evenings so I could workout in the morning, but as of now my schedule as changed dramatically because I work in retail. I’m either working the morning shift one day and evenings next and so on.

I’m still new to this if I’m working 6 or 7 am shift I can’t get my workout until the evening around 5 or 6PM. How would I rearrange my meals for the day and next?

Meal timing doesn’t matter much and even more so as a beginner. Just make sure you eat in a caloric surplus if you want to gain weight and in a deficit if you want to lose weight

You should be okay for food from lunch but you could always do a protein shake at 4PM, train then have dinner. Then have something before bed.