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Need Deodorant Suggestions

For some reason lately(probably has nothing to do with me living in california and it being 110 outside today)i’ve been sweating like an mother fucker and smelling like ass. I used to just use the same brand of Degree sport sentless and sprayed on cologne but it’s just not doing the job anymore.

I’m getting sick of people telling me that I smell bad all the time lmao, so your responses are greatly appreciated.

I use degree as well, but it’s not 110 where I live so I guess it works :stuck_out_tongue:

Gillette (Gel only) is the only kind of deodorant that works for me…anything else and I sweat even worse and stink to high hell.

Secret Vanilla Chai

Rancid Polecat

When using antiperspirants: Shave your armpits so it can work properly, only apply to underarms when they’re 100% dry; before bed is best, don’t wear tight-fitting clothing.

Failing that, drop some body fat.

Shower once in a while and deodorant might help once pits are clean. J/K body guard spray has always worked very well for me.

Eat lots of light foods like pineapple and cucumber. You may still sweat, but you’ll smell better!
Seriously, sweating is often a dietary issue, so experiment. ask a naturopath for some help with this too (one who knows her stuff, not a floaty one).

It could be a medical issue too…

Regarding deodorants - you can buy blocks of alum that you wipe on your (damp) armpit, and you can use it on your feet too - very good and work well unless you have very sensitive skin. Normally obtainable from health food shops, which have a large array of various deodorants. Check them out and good luck! :slight_smile:

I like the right guard sticks (USA) but use the anti-perspirant not the deoderant.

Degree is THE worst deodorant I know of, almost as bad as nothing. Man, it couldn’t keep me “fresh” for more than 6-8 hours or even less.

Dove, even though its name sounds soft, is the badass of deodorant, it keeps odors away for well over 24 hrs.

They have some new “clinical” type ones out now that work well! They’re prescription strength. I think Degree has one for men not sure what other mens brands have them. (Secret and Dove for women). They actually suggest putting it on before bed when your skin is completely dry…then you don’t have to put it on in the morning.

I agree with the shaving suggestion, the hair can hold alot of bacteria which can add to smell. I live in Cali too and know how hot it got recently. Just keep showering and changing your shirt often.

Pit Rock

Use ‘Sex Panther’.
They have a deodorant out now,to go with the cologne.
It’s made with real panther,so you know it’s good.

Seriously though,shave your pits,as one hair can hold several times it’s own weight in dried sweat.
Fresh sweat doesn’t usually smell that bad,it’s stale/dried sweat that smells-when bacteria feeds on it.
Also it’s easier to wash it,and the deodorant gets right to the skin.

I only get results with ‘Mitchum’ smart solid.If your local shops don’t have it,try interweb or ebay,where you can buy a sample size dirt cheap.
The blurb onthe front says ‘So effective you could even skip a day’! -I was sold!
It does last longer than any other I have tried,and ‘no white marks’ guarantee.
I have heard good stuff from friends about ‘Pit Rok’ as seral mentioned,or any other natural crystal-based deodorant.

The “clinical” ones seem to have the same ingredients.

#1- trim your armpit hair, helps A LOT! I just use a hair trimmer on the lowest setting. Keeps the funk down as the bacteria gets trapped in hair

#2- I find women’s deodorant works the best :shrug: I’ve caught flack for it, but whatever I switch between Secret and Dove