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Need Deca Dosage Advice

Hey everyone, i’m 5 weeks into my originally planned 500mgtest 500mg deca cycle for 16 weeks. I’ll be starting anadrol around week 7.

I want to get as big as possible on this bulk run. The bulk cycle before that was 750test 600mg deca 100mg adrol which was my first time using deca. I had no issues no prolactin(had half a caber every 2 weeks and was good) no deca dick, nothing but good gains. And i don’t really get side effects from any other compounds too so i’m lucky. btw i didn’t even need ai at 750mg test.

So the question is i want to bump my dosage starting from week 8 to either 750test 750 deca or 500mg test and 1 gram of deca. Now my thinking is i really don’t see much gains going from 500 test to 750 test but i’m also hesitant to bump deca to 1g on my second deca cycle. My hearts wants 1g so bad but i am afraid on the next cycles my body will want more and more, what do you think about this also?

What would you guys do? maybe 500test 750 deca? i need help thanks.

You don’t need to add more MG. Add more food and you will grow. Just don’t eat crap.
Those doses you are suggesting are ridiculous.

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Hey thanks for the reply, ridiculous in which way? do you think if the food is sufficient enough 500mg of deca vs 750 or 1g would make no difference in the last 8 weeks or is it just too much for “now”?

Your gonna get diminishing returns and more sides the more gear you add. You don’t double the dose and get double returns. I notice barley any difference between 400 and 600mg/wk deca accept theres def a difference in bloodwork. Your already adding anadrol in two weeks. Why not increase your food intake now and get a bump from the anadrol when you begin taking it…
Food is gonna make you grow, not more drugs.
If your not a pro you should never need a gram of anything.


I appreciate the time you took to answer, thanks. I think i will go back to my old dose which was 600mg deca which had zero side affects and just keep it there the last 8 weeks.Or maybe not bump at all, i’ll see how the progress goes around week 8, i won’t go up to gram of deca at least for a long while. Anyways thanks again man.

I hope you’re keeping an eye on your BP daily from that regimen. You are talking about a lot of ‘wet’ added mass. Those are not insane doses but pretty high for a non competitor. Usually reserved for someone that been doing it a LONG time. I would be a train wreck on those doses but as you said you’re one of the lucky ones. IMO stay the course and/if you change go with the 750/750 versus the alternate.


I read a number of these types of questions on this forum. They all, essentially, are asking, “How can I make four years worth of muscle gains in four months?”

As with almost everything there are diminishing returns with AAS’s. It was always my philosophy to use the least amount of AAS’s to make significant gains. Then the next cycle I might need to increase the amount of AAS’s to make further gains. It is nice to know that the next cycle won’t be putting my health in much greater risk. I was in this for the long haul.

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Serious question-what is your level of physique development? Do you compete? Do you even stand out at your local gym? If not why the hell you do you need 500+mg of Deca? And Anadrol on top? Rethink this plan bro.

Bumping your dose at week eight is pointless. It takes six weeks for that adjustment to start to be meaningful, which by my calculation means you’ll have a grand total of two weeks at stable blood plasma concentration of nandrolone at the higher dose. You started at 500, you’re stuck at 500. Make the most of it. If you can’t keep growing with the cycle you laid out then you’ll need to eat more. That’s the answer to 99% of the “I want to grow more” questions, btw.

This is uncomfortable reading haha

Pretty sure it’s your brain. If the heat had a say, it would be no way in hell am I doing that.