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Need Cycle Input


ok guys i'm planning my new upcoming cycle and need a little help configuring it. This is what I have right now:

20mL Test Enanthate 400
20mL EQ 400
40mL Tren 100
80 100mg Winny (oral)

This is what I was thinking...

1cc Test every 5 days
1cc EQ every 3 days
then when the EQ runs out:
1cc Tren ED
100mgs winny twice a day (once in the, morning, once at night)

The entire cycle would run 100 days. I have 200 20mg Nolvadex pills on hand right now and plan on getting some clomid and possibly some hcg for PCT. if anyone has a better possible way i could construct this cycle, please let me know. thanks for your input.


I wouldnt run test any lower than 500 per week (i asume your test is 400mg/ml) but if thats all you can get????
Everything sounds good exept for the EQ IMO EQ should be run for at least 10-12 weeks and if im doing the math propperly your proposed EQ part omly runs for 60 days. I would shoot it the same as the test every 5 days. The tren will shut you down something cronic so i think HCG is a must but i wouldnt use it in pct.
I wouldnt use winny and EQ together but that is just a personal preferance, The Test Eq and Tren stack sounds good i would be inclined to run the tren from the start and use HCG during cycle.


Would this be your first cycle?



What is the reasoning for running the EQ at 800mg per week and your Test E at basically 400mg per week? I would run the test at least 500mg per and keep the eq the same. IMO.
I'm doing a 500/500 split now and it is great. I am in the final week now.

Good luck.

If you do run that cycle the way you laid it out let us know how it turns out around week 8-9. Thats a lot of EQ for just 8 weeks.
I would wait and let Juice, Bushy, or Wideguy, ect. give their input before starting.

Lift Heavy,



no this is not my first cycle, I've done several in the past...but this is the first cycle where i'm trying something like this. I tried structuring it like this...well simply because a friend (who competes and won the state title here) structured out how he would take it so i thought i woulod mirror it.

but like i said I'm open to ANY suggestions by anyone who knows their shit. so thanks guys for your input, its greatly appreciated


I'd stick with Nolva over Clomid during PCT - I believe it does the job of getting you back to normal better.