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Need cycle help

Hi yes I was wondering if someone could help me. I am going to be doing a 4-6 week cycle of deca, in the range of 300mg-600mg a week. My question is when stacking it with Androsol how long should I use the Androsol 2,4or 6 weeks on. I want to gain 15 to 25 pounds. Thanks and please reply.

I would use the deca for 6 weeks minimum. Your natural test will be gone by week 3 so you may as well make as much gains as you can. You could use the Androsol for 8 weeks, since there would still be plenty of deca in your system in weeks 7 and 8. You should also get some clomid and starting with week 8, take 50mg per day for 2-3 more weeks. This will help restart your natural test production and allow you to keep most of your gains. If you eat plenty of protein, train hard and get enough sleep, 20-25 lbs should not be a problem.

Thanks for the reply. This would be my first ever real roid cycle. How much deca do you think I should use. Also since androsol and nandrosol are both class I will nandrosol work well with with deca too?

Your welcome. I would use 400 mg/week of the deca and stick with the Androsol. For one it is cheaper and two you will want to see how you handle the progesterone activity of the deca.
This is only speculation, but Nandrosol converting to nandrolone could add to the progestogenic side effects of the deca (bloating and gyno) and 400mg per week of deca
is about where these sides start showing up in some users. The Androsol should also help prevent the dreaded deca dick by giving your body at least some testosterone. Good luck bro and happy growing.


If you are going to use illegal substance (Deca), why not use the real Test instead of androsol?

I also think 400 mg. is too low.

There would be no point in cycling off of the
Androsol for the sake of regaining natural
T, while continuing with Deca, since the Deca
would prevent the return of natural T. So
I would use the Androsol for the full length
of the Deca cycle, plus the 2 weeks after
the last injection, since the Deca is still
active at least that long.