Need Cycle Advice?

I have been doing some reading on steroids want to do my first cycle soon. i have two questions. How does being on a cycle effect your supplement and diet routine? I am currently on a 1 gram of protein per lb, low carb and low fat diet.

My supps are creatine, multi ,cla and aminos at the recomended dosages. Should I increase my caloric intake and my supps or remain the same on a cycle? Secondly for my first cycle I just wanted to start off with an eq 10 wk cycle. I was thinking 300mg/wk. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

what kind of cycle? if your bulking, do away with cla. the creatine is good to enhance water retention. you need the multi. aminos and protein powder are a must. but the most important sup. is clean food, and tons of it. take in 1.5 grams per body pound when on cycle. depending up your calorie intake.

Start readings and when you think you have read enough, read some more. Your idea of a cycle is not one that anyone with a large amount of knowledge on the subject would reccomend.
From your research why would you think that 300 mg of eq for 10 weeks would be optimal to reach your goals?

300mg EW of EQ is a very lite cycle. Your protein is decent but if you want to swell up you need the carbs and calories in general. EQ might not be the best choice either for your virgin cycle

My goals were not extremly high for my first cycle I was trying to see how my body reacted for the first time and really make sure i do everything right and then for my second cycle step it up a little and so on.

Plus I dont have a legit source and I dont want to get scammed out of a lot of money. Until I find some good stuff i really like I didnt want to do a stack cycle. If I am thinking like a newbie and my logic is wrong please tell me.

Yes your logic is wrong and your cycle not properlly thought out. There have been plenty of threads decided to a newbie type of cycle. Read them.

DOn’t do EQ for a first cycle. Use test. Test is King.

thanks guys

I agree with rainjack.

Find the thread ad read it.
you will find most first time cycle’s will be Test Enan @ 500mg a week.

Some site’s say deca at something like 400mg a week, but if you do go with deca you will want some test too.
Just have a good read champ and ask more Q’s.
Make sure you have PCT in place, I also like Milk Thistle just to keep the liver a little extra covered.

Have you read up on the diff side affects of diff roids?
Some people make their choice on this also.
Just have a good read champ.
Let us know how you go.