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Need Cycle Advice


I’m starting to get ready for my first amateur contest in 12 weeks. My trainer is recommending that I add some lean mass over the next 6 weeks, then go on a more traditional cutting cycle over another 6 weeks.

The plan: Cyp 400mg/wk, Deca 200mg/wk, and Equi 200mg/wk for the first 6 weeks. The following 6 weeks will include Prop 100mg eod, Tren 75mg eod, and Win 75mg eod.

Stats: 5’5", 190#, about 10-12% body fat.
Been seriously lifting for about 3 yrs with a trainer. I completed a bulking cycle 3 months ago: Test 600mg/Deca 300mg per week over 3 months and put on and retained a solid 15#.
On high protein, moderate carb diet now, and planning to move to lower carbs.
Just increased cardio to 5x/wk, 50 minute sessions.
Currently on TRT: Cyp 100mg/HCG 500IU e3d, Arimidex 1mg eod, and HGH 4u ed.

Any cycle advice would be greatly appreciated. Thxs!