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need cutting cycle advice

ok after 3 bulking cycles, I’m deciding to do a cutting cycle but need some help here. I’ve never really done a slim down cycle before except for dieting so vets help me out. I was lookin at a test/clen/winny cycle with winny 100mgs EOD, but not sure on the test amount. after doing some reading, I was thinkin on a 2 weeks on - 2 weeks off protocol on the clen and on the off weeks use some ripped fuel maybe? I’m not too sure since i’ve never used it. help me out guys please. thanks

I agree with only running clen for two weeks at a time.
Your program sounds like it will keep muscle mass. I’m assuming the win is inj?

Now all you need to do is get diet/HIIT/Lifting right and you’ll be lean soon

I am about to try a test/tren/winny/clen cycle for my summer cutter. I have cut using tren and winny in the past, with awesome results. I was advised by a vet on this board to set up my cutting cycle in this way:

Weeks 1-2 - Clen only, to ramp up metabolism, and 40-50 mins of cardio every morning on empty stomach
make sure you up on the clen dose to about 125-150 mcg a day gradually, and also taper it down towards the end of the two weeks

Weeks 3-10 (0r 8 if you only want to run for six weeks instead of eight)
Tren @ 75mg ED
Winny @ 75mg ED
Test Enath @ 250mg a week (you could probably use prop or cyp if you want but I have enath on hand which is why i am doing it this way. Also, i know prop has a much shorter half-life and i think it causes less water retention)
I was advised to run 1.25mg of Letrozole a day for the duration of the cycle, as well as HCG every sat and sun at 250iu’s.

weeks 10-12 - Clen, same as before, and PCT, clomid, novla, whatever you are gonna use. Obviously run the PCT for longer than two weeks, that test -tren combo can be pretty supressive…

Diet is probably the most important part of this, make sure you eat enough protein, but otherwise i think this is a pretty solid stack, and im about to start it in a week. You can PM me if ya have any questions…

Outkast. Thats a good looking cycle! lol! btw during your cycle you could also add in things like hotrox, or an eca stack as well, just as long as you don’t do the eca and clen at the same time, you should be fine.

thanks p-22, i got it from this guy who seems to kno exactly what he’s talking about, lol!! Just tryin to share the wealth so everyone can get big and ripped!! lata