Need Cutting Advice

Hey guys, I’m ready to cut for a 12 week period

My stats are:
5 10"
230lbs (105kg)
20% BF

I’m aiming for 2100 calories a day, 131g Carbs, 263g Protein, 58g Fat
I’m looking to loose been 2-3lbs (1+ KGS) a week
I am not including my 4x resistance workouts a week, and walking 3x a week in the calorie totals, so i guess some days my expenditure will be less than 2100

Anyone have any advice for me?
I’d like to shed about 15-20kg in the 12 week period because I go overseas


Losing weight at 2-3 lbs per week will take off a decent amount of lean body mass with the fat. Also, at your size, and if you are training 4 days per week, you should be able to lose weight at 2500-3000 kcal per day, 2100 is for a petite inactive woman. How much were you eating per day before the cut? Were you weight stable or gaining? If gaining, how much?

Intermittent Fasting…look into it.

Focus on the big three lifts and go heavy, and give yourself recovery time between workouts.

Sprint 2 or 3 days a week for 10 minutes.

Your mileage may vary, but this has been working for me.