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Need cooking tips


I have been on T Dawg 2.0 for about a month and progress has been great. Problem is.. I am getting so sick of my own cooking.

Foods I eat that I can easily tolerate are: Beef jerky, MRPs, Oatmeal, Eggs, Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Mixed Nuts, Salmon, Fruits, Vegetables.

Foods I am having problems tolerating are: BEEF! CHICKEN!

Typically I eat Beef and Chicken.. alternating between beef days and chicken days. I eat beef or chicken twice a day while at work. Problem is, since I eat these foods at work, I have to prepare them the night before. Can someone give me tips on preparing these foods in a way that minimizes carbs while still making it tasty? I know there is a huge thread about cooking, but those recipes take time! Problem is, I have to prepare these 2 meals everyday of the week.. I don't have time to waste cooking nonstop.

Currently this is what I do:
Use Beef or Chicken
Marinade it in some kind of Soy Sauce or Japanese Yakitori type Sauce.
Use Mushrooms or Onions or Red Pepper
Saute the vegetables.
Cut the Beef or Chicken into small strips and cook it and then mix it up with vegetables.
Put in tupperware and put in fridge and heat in microwave the next day at work.

I did this for a month.. fine. Now lunchtime and 3pm meal times SUCK! I'm not sure if it's my cooking technique or what but the beef and chicken always tastes hard and bland and boring :frowning:

Help! :slightly_smiling:


LOL. Big deal.

Try tolerating canned tuna without even mayo. You'll be cursing the Gods for sure.

Sorry. You tend to get spiky when you're forced to eat raw canned tuna for your meals because your budget is nonexistent...

Next time you put that piece of beef in your mouth think of all us poor guys who cant afford even a small piece of chicken for the time being. Compare eating beef to eating raw canned tuna, and you'll be gratefull.

Try eating a whole can of tuna by itself, and youll see what I mean.


Diesel you are funny!

You talking oil based or water based tuna?

I've eaten water based tuna straight from can before, actually several times.. I can handle it fine here and there, but if I had to do it daily I wouldn't look forward to the meal for sure.

Now referring to the beef and chicken, I guess if you cant eat anything else at work then just suck em in fast. Make sure you dont overcook them so they dont get too dry and tough in microwave.
Chicken i think reheats better for the most part, but beef roasts work out well too. Steaks I really dont like reheated, although I will eat them since I'm not into throwing food away.

Yeah eating similar food day in and day out gets boring, but most jobs are boring anyway so what's the difference? lolol


Steihl: you don't have to cook every evening--I do my cooking on Sunday night, and the food lasts just about all week. If properly stored, it's fine. That may allow you to be a little more creative.

That said, I find beef leftovers to be not so tasty, except for stew and other braises, like pot roast. And stew cuts are very lean. Try it sometime.

Diesel, I'll think of you as I cut into my medium rare free range ribeye tonight... :slight_smile:


Good point Lisa, and Steihl, you're not going to get any earth shattering recipes from me, but...

I buy the frozen chicken breasts in the big bag and slip one in a ziplock bag, take it to work and throw it in the microwave with some good seasonings. Cooks in 6-7 minutes and it's nice and tender and juicy.

Also, I buy canned chicken (actually pretty good tasting stuff) and, like diesel mentioned, tuna. Try mixing some mayo in with the tuna, as it has no carbs, and definitely helps zest it up.

One last thing I have on occasion is canned corned beef. Not corned beef hash, but corned beef. It's a little high in saturated fat, but not a big deal since you're on T-Dawg 2, and has a fair amount of protein. Nuke it, toss an egg on it (pierce the yolk), nuke it a little more, and you've got another decent tasting, quick dish you can do at work.

Oh, can't forget the protein powder. On days when ya just can't do any more chicken or beef, substitute a protein drink made with water.


have you tried lamb, quail, turkey, duck, or pork? why are you limiting yourself to beef and chicken and tuna? i found when i was trying to eat all day long, i would do something like cook some cheese burgers and put them in individual packages and store in the fridge or cooler. then just eat them during the day. no reheating needed, but you can if you want. no bread necessary of course. if you're having trouble digesting those foods, try eating them closer to raw, and adding some raw things to your meal, it can add enzymes.


Hey man,
First, haul ass over to T-mag contributor John Berardi's site for some awesome recipes. Then, I think there are some in the back issues here. Recipes for Success, maybe? I've also found that I can eat 2 meals without ever tiring. 1-baked beans and chicken breast. Simple. 2-a nice PF salad with meat, feta cheese, and an oil dressing. Kale is also a good ingredient for your stir-fry. It doesn't lose its texture and flavor like other greens. Good luck!



Here's a thread started in the T/N forum, all contributed from current members. There are some damn good recipes in there.



I do that tuna shit all the time. You're not the only one, bro. I do it probably 3-4 times during the working week, but not on weekends, as I can make all the food I want on weekends.


Definitely an interesting thread, I find myself in similar situations along with co-workers complaining about me hogging the microwave 4 times a day.

Yardbird does loose it's zest after awhile.