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Hello All,

I am thinking about starting a Trenbolone and Cypionate cycle as my first cycle. I am 22 yrs old 5'11 160lbs.

I have many concerns about this. The reason I am choosing these compounds as my first cycle is because I just witnessed my workout partner finish his first 3 weeks of this as his first cycle and the gains are amazing.

However, after doing much research I am learning that this might not be a good idea for a first cycle. I want too know why this is. If so, would I see any results if I just took Test Cypionate alone for my first cycle. Also, I know this might sound stupid but I am only planning on taking this for three weeks.

I am really not looking too do a FULL 10 week cycle. After seeing the gains my partner made in 3 weeks I feel that is all I want to do. Is that harmfull to take for only 3 weeks. Please any comprehensive feedback will be greatly appreciated.




At 5'11 160 lbs, you scrawny assholes don't need steroids in the first place. Your friends "gains" are probably 5-10 lbs of water, which looks like a lot because you guys have the physique of a holocaust survivor. If he were to stop right now, he would lose most, if not all, of what he's "gained" so far.


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Test C will not even give noticable gains after 3 weeks...

Another example of "I want to take steroids, but not too much because I don't want to get too big".


5 11 160

The beginners forum is just a few clicks away.


Go to beginner threads please, as Bonez217 advised.

Just in case you do use AAS anyway, please read the steroid newbie thread.


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