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Need Clen Help Please

Ugh on week 2 of clen…trying the on 2 weeks off 2 weeks method… Feel like fried shit… Only up to 80mcgs aka 4 pills a day and it blows… Last 3 days cant sleep but only 4-5 hrs with the help of muscle relaxers & melatonin. But when drugs wear off Im wide awake…Honestly do see a hell of alot of difference between this and going super low carb. Maybe if I live the full 6-8 weeks Ill see it but so far Im not buying the hype. Anavar cut fat great and I felt fantastic. This is like coke minus the fun. Any pointers on how to use this and be a shredded dragon without the shit sides would be nice.

Sounds like you started with too high of a dose…perhaps back off a little and try and find a sweet spot that works for your body. I’m running 40mcg a day (20mcg-2x) and losing 3-4 pounds a week while sleeping like a baby. I admit the first week or two had a small effect on my sleep but it wasn’t dramatic and seems to have vanished after week 2.

try albuterol it wear off after 6-8 hours, dose twice a day and you can sleep good still

I also think it is superior in every way
1.Improves muscle strength and size more than clen
2.Safer for your heart
3. better endurance

Among other things

I know nothing about drugs so sorry if this sounds stupid but isn’t that just the stuff in the puffers? So it’s like clen? Or is it dosage dependent?

Thanks yea I will do that…The clen feeling sux but I did drop about 2% bf in 2 weeks no muscle mass loss from what I could tell… Scale weight stayed same but calipers skin folds dropped. Look a bit leaner in mirror too… The next 2 weeks Im off but yea I think my tolerence is 40mcg… 60 and 80 was too much. Im lean enough where I dont need drastics anyhow. No reason to torture myself. I think taking it all 1st thing in morning is best then sleep should be ok…Other thing I noticed is it really drys you out. Skin was looking ashy AF


This is everything I was going to say. I feel like clen is more popular because the feeling is more noticeable, and for whatever reason, people need that bio feedback to feel like a drug is effective. Albulterol is so much more manageable. I particularly like it in liquid form so I can really fine tune the dose. I didn’t really use it for fat loss, so I wasn’t taking it every day. I used it for conditioning during tough strongman workouts.

As a side note: to keep from having to continually raise dose of clen/albuterol for effectiveness, run ketotifen with it. You can get it over the counter. It upregulates beta receptors, so the lower dose will remain effective and you won’t have to dose it at high, catabolic levels. Take it every day, once a day. preferably before bed.

Where are you getting ketotifen over the counter, I always get it through RC which sketches me out sometimes

Are suggesting alb as a research chem?

I have used it, also pretty easy to get from a doctor. Say you have allergies and a hard time breathing.