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Need Clarification

i’m currently serving in iraq and have been on and off going to the gym. i have researched about the supps that are out there and i just registered here at T-Nation. i’m currently working out to bring down my bodyfat %. i am currently taking:

optimum nutrition for whey
cex by vpx for creatine
and a multivitamin megaman from gnc
also scorch for fatloss

i’m really amazed of the info put out by your staff. can u clarify what can i do to start out? what routine or steps to take for a healthier and leaner body? i weigh 235 and am 6’2". i would appreciate your help. thanx.


The concensus around here is that fat loss (how lean you are) is basically controlled by your dietary habits. If you haven’t, start reading the various articles on diet.

Search and find the T-Dawg diet and also read anything by Berardi or Lowery.

My advice would be to get your body going in the right direction, then bust through a plateau or two, before leaning heavily on supplements. You need to make changes to your eating habits and develop consistency first.

Also, while you are getting your diet worked out check into Biotest supplements. Most of us here believe they are the best, bar none, and have an intense loyalty because T-Nation gives us the real deal – the information and support to truly succeed.