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Need Chest Workout Advice


Hey ya'll quick question about chest...Putting it simply I have huge arms, but my chest definitely needs some work....Currently I do dumbbell presses 3 x 8-12 reps, incline press 3x10-12
Decline press 3x8-12 and cable cross overs 3x8-12...I have heard when it comes to building up your chest dumbbell presses are better than flat benching. I really want to get my chest up....Any tips would be appreciated thanks.


first, what do you consider huge arms? if you make a statement like that, you better back it up.
how much do you weigh? height?

what you are doing for chest looks fine. are you getting stronger? when you press are you using your chest or do your tris and delts take over?

tell us more.


Maybe take a wider grip? Seems like you're an arms dominant pusher and widen the grip on barbell work may place more emphasis on your pecs. Also, try lowering the bar closer to your neck. You'll need to reduce the weight, but it may target the muscle better.


How often are you working chest? If currently only once a week, perhaps give 2 a try.