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Need Cheap Olympic Weights


I will be entering the 3rd phase of HFT next week and I really dont want to have to drive to my gym twice a day (15 miles away). I am looking to buy an olympic weight set so that I can do at least 1 of the workouts from home.

Can anyone give me some advice on a good place to get cheap weights? I dont care if they are used.

I have checked the classifieds of my local paper and looked around on ebay...hard to find used stuff.

I live in Tempe AZ, if anyone in the area has some to sell let me know.


check your local cosco, BJ's, or Sam's club...they're almost giving away 300lb sets.


You might also check to see if there's a play it again sports near you. Some locations have better selections than others, but I've had some luck getting cheap equipment. And it's mix and match, so you can get the weights you need and go back for more later.


Sears, walmart, dicks sporting goods, sports authority etc all should have 300lbs and a bar for around $99. every time ive been to them. The bars aint the best but will get you going.


Give Craigslist a shot:


Tempe isn't one of their cities, but perhaps Tuscon or Phoenix are close enough?