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Need Change, 2 Day Split?


was doing 3 day splits for 5 years and then switched to full body for the past year due to symmetry issues. Need to switch up looking at 2 day spilts. Anyone doing 2 days and how are they working out. Are you doing three or four movements per body part. Just looking for some imput.. thanks


I do that. But I only do at most 2 movements for each part.

Day 1 Chest/Tris and Quads
Day 2 Back/Bi/Traps/Hams/Calf

This is working well and is not as long as a TB workout.


with my advanceing age 40 I wondered what kind of split do you do so not to overtrain. I was looking to do:
monday push
tuesday pull
wedensday off
thursday push
friday pull
saturday off
sunday off

two exercises per body part
3 sets per 8-12 reps.
do you think that two days between split would be better? thanks


Sure, I go 3-4x8 for a little more volume with heavier weight. The on/off is exactly my schedule.