Need Carbs in Post Workout Shake?

I’m a crossfitter, fairly lean (5’10" 175lbs) and I’m not trying to bulk up. I’d like to stay lean and defined. I use a Pure Whey Protein Isolate (1st Phor phormula-1) for a protein shake after my workout. The purpose of the post workout shake is faster recovery and help build definition in my muscles.

They guys that sell it have been pushing me to add to it a Glycogen Supercompensation Formula (Ignition) stating that I should have a carb to help recovery. The thing is, I eat very low carbs now (usually 50 - 75 grams per day), to maintain my weight and I’m concerned about adding a carb to my mix.

I cant tell if these guys that are trying to sell me some additional product (the stuff aint cheep) or if I would be better off adding the carb to my mix.

What do you think?

If the purpose is faster recovery, have you thought of glutamine? 5grams per day after workout in the shake and it’s super cheap!! The protein mix you have prolly has enough carbs to actually drive the protein or whatever… just a thought…I love my glutamine best glutamine is the one I use… flavorless. No extras… just 5 g glute…

[quote=“fig911, post:1, topic:226756”]
The purpose of the post workout shake is faster recovery and help build definition in my muscles.[/quote]
Having a shake before and during training can be a better approach. This explains why. But a post-workout shake doesn’t really have anything to do with “building definition in muscles” - that comes from basic fat loss.

Around training, fast protein and carbs yield better in-gym performance and recovery than just one or the other. So they’re right as far as that.

Most coaches recommend prioritizing carb intake around training even when following a low carb diet, because that’s the one time of day when your body has the biggest demand for carbs. As long as you’re training volume and intensity is sufficient, there’s basically no problem having even the majority of your day’s carbs right before, during, and right after training.

In this thread, Christian Thibaudeau discussed the workout nutrition he uses with the CrossFitters he coaches. Spoiler: It’s Plazma, Surge Workout Fuel, and Mag-10, depending on what type of workouts they’re doing (strength vs metcon).

Based on a quick Google, the two products you mentioned would end up costing more than SWF while delivering different nutrition (whey and glucose compared to leucine and cyclic dextrins, plus other performance-boosting nutrients I didn’t see in the 1stPhorm stuff like a hydration complex, citrulline, and beta alanine).

No, just no.

This is outdated thinking. Actually, it was a false conclusion.

Mag-10 or similar is best.

BCAA second

Healthy meal third.

But then again, depends on what you are trying to accomplish.