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need calories?


Need opinions please. This is a great site for folks like me, small and want to train properly and get bigger. Here this the deal. I am a Designer Protein believer. WEll I've used it for about a year and got great results. I recently decided to see what the latest and great was and come across Prolab's N-Large 2. It had big reviews so I decided to try it because it had more calories and protien per serving. Well I'm at the 2.5 week mark and have gained nothing. I've been taking 2 servings a day with whole milk which is about 1800 calories daily. My schedule is 1/2 serving before workout, 1/2 serving after workout, and a full serving right before bed at night. My body looks like it may have changed some but nothing on the scale! It is lower in carbs than Designer Protein. My metabolism is sky high because I am hungry all the time. Has my body adjusted to the high intake and I need to layoff a few weeks? Help please. I would like to gain 25 more pounds.


Why are you a designer protein believer if you are not seeing results? If you haven't already, search the t-mag articles for Massive Eating. You may be surprised how much you really should be eating.


Protein powders are just food. So saying "I believe in Designer..." is like saying "I believe in chicken but it's just not working! Maybe I should try this new brand of chicken..."

How many cals are you getting for the whole day? What kind of solids foods do you eat? How are you training? How long have you been training? Do you keep a food log?

And yes, read the Massive Eating articles here.


it sounds to me like you just need to eat more, if you want to gain then you don't need to worry about gaining body fat because that just comes with the territory, i always tell people that when it comes to changing one's body that about 70-80% of it is diet, if you want to get big you have to eat big, i'm talking 6-8 meals a day, with at least 4,000 calories a day depending on your affinity to gain weight, i infer that you are a hardgainer and suggest 5-8,000 calories a day, make sure you get plenty of carbs and fats, especially the former, and at least 300 grams of protein per day, like i said you'll just have to get over the putting on of body fat, you can lose that later, but i would recommend 2-3 low-to-moderate intensity cardio sessions a week at about 30 mins per session, that way your heart will be a little healthier, and you might feel a bit more comfortabl


Thanks for the input. I like Designer Protein because I have always gained 10 to 15 pounds when drinking it. My eating habits aren't the best in the world and very little junk junk food. I do not keep a food log but try to be conscience of what I am eating and how much of what is in it. I always try to make sure I get lots of protein from 130g to 175g a day. Counting everytime I eat or drink a shake, I have 5 to 7 meals a day. My training is three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I don't do any cardio. My weight routine is consists of basic movements, squats, leg ext, leg curls, bench, chest flyes, incline bench, barbell curls, rows, deadlifts, lat pulls, dips, tricep ext, behind the neck presses, upright rows, calf raises, and hack squats. Not in any order and split up among the three days(to avoid overtraining) with 2 warmup sets and two sets to failure(except squats!). I have been training off and on for about 6 years now. We are about to have our third little boy(due July2004)in in this 6 year time frame so my schedule gets altered from time to time and I have to take a break. Putting on weight and seeing changes helps to keep me motivated to get to the gym. So any help is useful to me. Thanks


Why don't you try one of the great training programs here? (ABBH, OVT, Maximal Size) And also i think thats very odd that whey protein makes you gain all that weight, unless thats all you use for protein....nope still does not make sence. Try fitday.com to keep track of foods you eat, after using it for a week or so it becomes easy.

Eating more than you expend builds muscle, not adding 20 grams of whey protein
getting enough of the right kind of carbs and fat will also help greatly. You don't need to be perfect but honestly try keeping track for awhile and you will see a difference.



Not to flame but that is what you need.

You also say you make sure to get lots of protein from 130-175g a day. Unless you are well under 100lbs in total weight that is no where near enough to bulk up. You should be shooting for at the very least 1.5g per lb of lbm.

A food log can be a great tool if for nothing else in your case but to make yourself eat more protein and food in general.

If you need any assistance running #'s or with anything just ask.

By all means get more real food.


Oh and drop the Designer Whey for something of quality, like Grow for instance.


Thanks for all the input and advice. I'm glad I have found a place to shares information like here. Thanks again!