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Need Cabergoline on Very Low-Dose Tren A?


You’re absolutely right. I actually cant imagine running 500mg+ of test anymore and the rollercoaster trying to control E, too high then crashing it and repeat.

I feel over the years I have found that keeping a low test dose as a base for any cycle is the way to go. Using compounds that do not require an AI alongside TRT doses of test is whats working best. I will keep a constant test dose ~60mg/wk Test Prop and then when I ‘blast’ it will usually be something like 50-60mg Anavar/d with 10-15mg/d Tren Ace (although I dont think I will use Tren anymore since hairloss seems to have become an issue). I may consider NPP with some anavar.

I see guys walking around the gym these days full of water and the dreaded ‘moon face’ from high doses of test and/or dbol, not looking aesthetic at all. With this protocol I follow, I’m lean and hard year round with slow but steady gains.



I haven’t made a thread no. If you look at my old threads I documented my recovery using the test-taper protocol a few years ago and it worked a charm. However, I was unhappy with my natural test levels so I decided to self-medicate. Since then I have found that using a low enough dose of test without the need for an AI is the way to go.



how do you even draw 8mg? did you dilute the 100mg/ml to 50mg/ml ?


Insulin pin would allow an 8mg draw, my pins are marked at 1 unit intervals and there’s essentially zero dead space in the head of the barrel.


I’m really glad to hear this, and I’d love to hear more about the results you’ve gotten. Can you describe both subjective (how you feel) and objective (how you look, how training is going, etc) results?

I’m also curious if you can say more about why you chose Prop for your TRT versus a longer ester. I’ve been thinking about switching to a short ester (either Prop or Phenylpropionate), as I’ve only ever been on cypionate for TRT and never used AAS before I needed to go on TRT.

Did you opt for daily injections to mimic natural release? I wonder how it would work to use alternating days of T and Tren, or whether it really is better with every day shots.

Final question (for now): I’m assuming with these small amounts that you inject with an insulin syringe. Do you combine the test and tren in one syringe or do two separate shots?



As below, I backfill a 1ml insulin syringe which I use to backfill a 0.3ml insulin syringe. This allows me to measure to 0.1ml.



On the low dose, I feel amazing. I get all the euphoria without any of the sides. No high BP, no gyno etc. Looks wise, I will try get a picture up later but I look dry, vascular as hell and full. I make sustained, slow but noticeable gains which I prefer as it also keeps my cardiovascular health up and the heart can keep up with the added weight.

I definitely opted for everyday injections to mimic natural release and keep peaks and troughs to a minimum. I was on Test E for a while and felt the highs and lows to be unbearable. Test E can never be anything close to the natural release of Testosterone, if I was ever to do it, even then I would inject Test E minimum 3x a week.

I’m off the Tren now but yes I mixed it in the same syringe alongside 5mg of Test and 5mg of Mast.



Thats verry interesting, never hought that low a dose would work. I blast with 400mg test e e3d (like0.7ml/shot). And it has been good, more is definately not better.

  • Very, very interesting. You’ve got me really eager to give this a shot. I am now wondering whether it’s possible to brew up the test and tren in the same vial so they can be injected simultaneously with one draw.
  • Would love to see pics if you can post them.
  • The kind of gains you’re describing are exactly what I want. I’m in this for the long term and want to feel and be healthy, so what you’re describing is right in that sweet spot for me.
  • Do you do anything with estrogen management? I’m guessing no but am curious. And did your blood lipids look okay on the Tren as well?
  • Also, ever experiment with adding Anavar or other compounds to this regimen? I know Tren is likely far stronger/more effective than Anavar for gains and low-dose Tren is likely easier on the body than an 17AA oral, but I’m curious if you’ve tried or what you’d think about that.
  • How long did you stay on the low-dose Tren? Why did you come off?


Ah so you homebrew your gear? Im not familiar with the process but brewing a combination would be good. The only downside would be that if you experience any sides from the Tren you cant adjust the dose without adjusting the Test aswell. Something to think about.

I take around 0.125mg Adex Mon/Weds/Fri. I do feel this helps, you may need a bit more however as I am an over-responder to AI’s and need only a tiny amount. In my opinion however, I would prefer to use a Test dose that does not need an AI, it just make everything so much easier.

The addition of Anavar to my usual Test/Mast TRT regime is my go-to “cycle”. I will keep Test/Mast around 50mg each per week and go up to whatever anavar dose I can tolerate, usually around 75mg/d. I like this cycle, its clean and I look vascular as hell. I dont really look at strength gains as I train for longevity but strength definitely improves.

I came off the Tren as I started shedding some hair which I was not OK with. My next stop is NPP. Anyone have good results with this in regards to muscle gains?



I think you will like NPP. No deca dick and analogous to deca in regards to joint relief etc. I made some small, but solid gains, on Test/NPP but I’m realizing now that my calories weren’t sufficient to make the kind I was hoping for. Apparently I’m a hard gainer at 53 so I’m having to really bump the calories to see the gains I want.

  • It’s incredibly easy. Highly recommend it if you can find a reliable source. The cost savings are tremendous, you control the process, and there are ample guides online to how to do it safely. Orals are easy as well, I make liquid exemestane with OraPlus and OraSweet and it’s super simple.
  • I am planning on brewing the tren separately and trying it first to make sure I feel good on it before I’d brew a mixed batch. Only once I felt like I had dosing down would I do that.
  • I have struggled to find a test dose that gives me a good subjective sense of well-being that didn’t also require an AI of some kind. I’m currently experimenting with DIM but I don’t know if it’s strong enough. I tend to prefer exemestane as adex made me feel like hell, but it’s been years and I didn’t brew it myself. I have some on hand I should try mixing up to see how it works for me this time. Part of me thinks Mast doesn’t agree with me because my E2 is already low-ish thanks to the exemestane, and the effect of the Mast pushes me E2 too low. I may also try to come off the exemestane entirely and see if I can settle in with a low dose of Mast and T and skip the AIs entirely. My last labs were well over the range T and free T wise but E2 wasn’t sky high considering I was supraphysiological on T and FT.
  • Ah, the hair shedding. I’m 36 and had been using Rogaine for a decade with increasing hair thinning. I finally gave up on January 1st of this year and shaved my head and I don’t regret it one bit. It’s easy, my wife likes it, I already had a perma-beard, so being bald is both easier and makes using gear simpler.
  • Did you notice any joint benefits to the Anavar? I’ve read a lot about how it increases collagen synthesis, and with a shoulder I’ve had rebuilt surgically, back issues, and general aging, I’d love to get some collagen support from the Anavar.


Brewings been great, got like 3 years worth of stuff for less than the cost of a cycle


No Deca dick but what about NPP pee pee? Nandrolone is nandrolone right? I did get deca dick the one and only time I used Deca years ago, never even looked at a bottle of deca again.

Now with this new founded knowledge of using prolonged low doses, would it avoid the Nandrolone dick? I suppose if I did run into problems it would be out of my system pretty quick.

I did read somewhere about Nandrolone and nerve damage however. Apparently this is the reason why you cannot get an erection and that scares the shit out of me. Permanent nerve damage and never getting an erection again? Thats crazy.

I may look at sticking to my Anavar cycles with some higher doses of Masteron and see how I gain on those. Still debating.

Experiences with Boldenone?



Ah I’m glad the bald life worked for you, I just could’nt do it haha.

Joint benefits from Anavar, I dont really know. I’ve been rehabbing my shoulder and its getting better so maybe that could have been assisted by the Var. I did go up to 100mg/d, pumps were epic as was vascularity but BP was on the higher side so I think a safe dose is 75mg/d.

Hope that helps.



Sorry, no experience with boldenone. My reading of Deca dick is that ED comes from prolactin, not nerve damage. Apparently, the chemical makeup of NPP is different enough from Deca as not to cause this. I just know I did not get any ED while using NPP.


Thanks for the reply. Did you get ED on Deca?




Here are the most recent pics I have. My apologies but the quality is bad and I don’t have many pics taken of me. But this is on my low dose test/mast.




Looking great brother!