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Need Cabergoline on Very Low-Dose Tren A?

  • I’m a long-term TRT patient in my late 30s. Diet, training are solid.
  • Looking to add a little something extra to my TRT. I tried low-dose Masteron and don’t think I like DHT derivatives all that much-- didn’t feel especially great in the gym or bedroom or anywhere.
  • T dose is between 150-200mg/week of Cyp, RXed by my physician at 200mg/week.
  • I’ve read anecdotal reports of guys having good luck using low-dose Tren as an adjunct to regular T.
  • My goal is to maintain strength and recomp at my current weight (6’2", 215). I’m also considering adding SR9009 to aid in metabolism and enhance the recomp effects.

Last bloods injecting 175mg/week in 3 divided doses:

T 1162 ng/dL 264 - 916
Free T 32.9pg/mL 8.7 - 25.1
E2 LabCorp Sensitive 40.3 pg/mL 8.0 - 5.0

Thinking of adding 25mg of Tren A EOD on opposite days from my T. I’m wondering if I’ll need to even consider using Cabergoline at this low a dose of the Tren. I’ve never used 19-nor compounds before and would hope to avoid Cabergoline, but I want to keep doing my research. There isn’t a ton of info on sides from very low doses so that’s why I’m posting.

That is a very low dose indeed. I wonder if it’ll be enough to produce results that outweigh the risks? Some guys seem to be able to take inhuman amounts of tren without issue. But those who do get the sides speak of them as if they’ve been cursed by an old gypsy woman with a vendetta.

How long are you thinking of running the tren?

How much Masteron were you running per week? I run the ethanate and I only need to inject 2 x a week. I’m currently running 400 mg of Mast/week.

Cabergoline is hard to get (in my experience) and I had to order from a European pharmacy. Tren has some pretty harsh sides that you need to be aware of. A lot of us on this board have been told by our wives or SO that we are not allowed to run tren anymore as it makes us assholes!

Just sayin’

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I tried 100mg/week of Mast Prop EOD, on opposite days from my T shot, for 4 weeks. I had dropped my T dose a bit since I wasn’t sure if my GP was going to be pulling bloodwork and I didn’t want to test supraphysiological, but I am clear until September when my doc will look at my blood again. So not clear whether the lack of well-being was due to lower T or the Mast. I had read that Mast made a great adjunct to TRT where some guys dropped their T dose and added more Mast. Maybe I didn’t pin enough Mast? Hard to say. I guess I can try adding it back in when my levels get back up now that I bumped up my T dose this week.

What doses of Tren were you running when you turned into an asshole? I’m trying not to piss off my girlfriend. At what dose do you start feeling like you need Cabergoline? I know everyone is different, I’m just curious.

Was thinking of 10-12 weeks but may go shorter. I started a new job working from home and get good sleep/eat great, so this is a nice time to push hard in the gym and see if I can get to the next level physique wise. I’ve had a lot of health issues the last few years (bout of cancer with two major surgeries, an unrelated shoulder surgery, back problems) and at 36 I’m just not feeling like dialed in diet/training is getting me where I want to be. I don’t have unreasonable expectations and am modest in my goals, but I’ll take whatever pharmaceutical help I can get!

If it wasn’t going to be Tren, what would you recommend for strong recomp effects at low doses? I prefer injectables and am comfortable home brewing.

TBH, I cant remember exactly but it was probably 200 mg/week since my tren was 100mg/ml and I probably ran 1 mil/shot stacked with my Test.

I had raging night sweats, crazy appetite, blood sugar drops, anxiety, and high libido…BUT with all that, I felt fucking awesome!! LOL Like an 18 year old again. Eating everything in site, getting lean and strong.

I would try bumping up your Mast dose. Bill Roberts recommends 400-600 a week. I’m currently stacking Dbol with my mast and its working nicely to increase my weight plus it seems to be controlling my Dbol related gyno I have had in the past.

Agree with this. Mast under 500 mg a week is pretty silly. If you’re going to go to tren jump to 50mg eod. Have you considered trying proviron ?

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I was looking at this thread for the low-dose Mast info. Wasn’t just a random guess on my part.

I’ll try upping the Mast and seeing what happens. I’m not really into oral meds if I can help it, so Proviron is not that appealing. Would rather not put any liver stress on and I’m already pinning EOD with an insulin pin, so I don’t mind doing an injection every day (one day T, one day Mast or Tren or whatever).

I take orals, not all the time, but as cycles. I always take milk thistle and NAC for liver support. Don’t discount all orals and what they can do for you based on the idea of liver toxicity.

Totally correct.

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I have been thinking about trying proviron because it is one of the few things that I can get at the pharmacy where I live besides test. How many milligrams would you suggest running a day and for how long?

It’s effective at 25mg a day but I generally run it at 50. Not really liver toxic but hard on the lipids.

Fair enough. I guess other than Anavar there aren’t really orals that appeal to me in terms of effects. Winstrol and Primobolan can be injected, and Dianabol/Anadrol are not what I’m after. Too wet. I’m looking for the most dry anabolic I can find-- low/no aromatization and high anabolic potential. So Tren was a reasonable and reasoned choice, I thought.

What would you recommend other than Tren for dry, sustainable gains or that could aid in recomping at the same weight?

To be honest, there is no substitute for Tren. It is the king of all steroids but it comes with a price.

I still like Masteron ethanate at 400 mg/week or greater. Anavar is cool but I never saw the kinds of changes I wanted from it. My first cycle with Dbol gave me gyno and i didnt gain the mass i wanted. I had to stop and run letro to get rid of the gyno.

This time, I’m running Mast with my Dbol and trying to get around 4000 cal/day. So far, no gyno and up 10 pounds and still have some vascularity in my shoulders and arms.

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I’m on lower dose dbol right now and recomping. Almost at four weeks and I’m down 6lbs, arms and shoulders are more full than they’ve ever been. You can cut or recomp on almost any compound if your diet and training are set up for it. So don’t discount orals.

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The dosages being thrown around these days are absurd. I used to use high dose AAS, the worst years of my life.

I recently incorporated 10mg/day of Tren Ace alongside my 8mg/day of Test prop (TRT regime) and got amazing results minus any sides. If you are on TRT, definitely go for the low dose longer use approach.

Just my 2 pence.



I think dosages are so high these days because guys A.) have access to tons of gear from a million sources, thus making it pretty affordable, and B.) “if 500mgs a week does this, how shredded can I get if I run a gram, bro?” is the attitude. You have found a sweet spot for you and that’s far more impressive to me than just throwing a ton of stuff into your system (with little regard for long term consequences) and going all-out beast mode. I like hearing stories like yours. It gives us a good reality check.


Do you have a thread on this approach, or any articles/books on it?

That’s 70+57=127mg of gear per week (not subtracting for the esther s of course). That seems like enough to cause shut down but not enough to really see the benefits. Not saying you’re wrong, I’d like to read how it all works for you.

Not really if you think about the weight of the heavier cyp or enanthate ester. His prop at 56mg a week is probably close to 100 mg a week which is a decent to low trt dose.

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Hello man, Carber is for treatment of prolactin disorders, and you didn’t show your prolactin labs…
The tren dose is very low and by the eye, i’d never recomend carber for this low dose of tren.