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Need Brutally Honest Deadlift Critique


Hello all this is my first post. I have been following Wendler’s 5/3/1 triumvirate and I’m just knocking out my 3rd week. I’m playing on staying with this program for the next year and getting some good strength gains because i know this program works. been really trying to get my form down on point and youtube can only teach you so much. Need honest opinions, appreciate it guys.


You are rounding your back a little . I think rep 3 looked OK . Try doing singles. I don’t think the load is too heavy . Try and arch your back and lock it in place. I have seen a lot worse though. On the positive you not pulling with bent arms . The lockout looks OK . Not sure if people want an exagerrated lockout.
I am not a great deadlifter, a bit overweight with double body deadlift . I hope you can some more detailed feed back. I’d say you held the weight fairly close too which is good.


Appreciate the reply man.


Feet closer together, avoid arching your back, and instead, try to maintain a neutral spine. Try to get your shoulders a bit more back before starting the pull and start the pull by pushing through the floor with your quads.


Definitely this. Lean back a little and try to get more of your body behind the bar so you don’t waste energy while doing it mid-lift.This will also help sit back just enough to utilize your entire lower body for the lift.


Stance and grip is too wide - Narrow it a bit. After that, get your ass down and chest up (Dont put you ass too low, as you’ll need to squat it up then…) :slight_smile:


If I were you, I’d watch some of the big on the basics videos on Animal’s youtube. The one with Jay Nera deadlifting is really good as well as the Richard Hawthorne one. Just really listen and apply it to your training. Start back at one plate, and really drive your form home. The weight will come in time


Nice explanation of how to lower yourself against the bar. I certainly use personally in my next session. New Video I have no affliliation to Alan Thrall.


thank you all for the replies, going to take one of my boys with me next time who actually knows what to look for and write a list of improvements to coach me on.


I got on youtube during my lunch break, both great vids. 20 seconds into Richard Hawthorne’s he said he’s from biloxi which is about 10 minutes away from where i’m stationed. looked him up and he owns a gym 15 miles from my barracks… Going to see if i can get into contact with him, never had any coaching before and i couldn’t imagine someone better to teach then him. Appreciate it brother


I would say use a narrower stance and a narrower grip. Also, set the arch in your back right before you initiate the lift; your back is rounded a little. Finally, when the bar passes your knees, push your hips forward with your glutes.


Took one of my buddies to critique my form who knows a little. without his help and just following everyone’s advice this was how i was setting up. i felt extremely weak from this position but i know the whole equation of how I’ve ever deadlifted was wrong. don’t think it’ll take too long to reap the benefits of deadlifting with better form. appreciate it everyone