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Need Breakfast Info


i'm 18 years old 5'7" weight 160 lbs, i've been trying to bulk up lately. i'm takinf HOT-ROX and whey protein after every workout. i know that breakfast in the most important meal of the day but ive been having a hard time trying to find a good meal that will be low carb with good fat and protein..

i'm also trying cut my body fat. i do chest,bicep,tricep exercises one day. abdominal,back,shoulder exercises the next day. i alternate like this the whole week except for sunday i rest the whole day. i'm not really worried about legs yet because after about 2 month's of this routine i'm gonna start doing some running along with my workout.


First running in a few months aint going to cut it. Your going for that frat boy light bulb look??? Train your damn legs. they make up a HUGE part of the body even moreso when you consider most of the effective movments work them and also your core and more.

2 just eat. Anything I think people get confused on this breakfast thing thinking it needs to be breakfast food. It doesnt just food. a damn hamburger would do. steak. Chicken anything can be eaten as a first meal.

3 train your legs.

Hope that helps,


HOT-ROX is for fat loss. Taking it while trying to bulk up might not be the best decision.



I'll say it again. WTF?

You want to bulk, but you're taking HOT-ROX? HOT-ROX is not for bulking. And even if it was, what is the significance of taking it after every workout? Take Carbolin 19 instead.

You want to bulk, but you're afraid of carbs? You need carbs. Eat more of them. Like say 2000 calories worth a day.

You want to bulk, but you're trying to cut fat? WTF? You can't do both at the same time, or at least not intentionally. Pick one main goal and stay focused on that.

I'd be concerned about your routine. After 2 months of that you may be so ripped that you might scare people. I would back off...

Seriously though. Work your legs every bit as much as the rest of you. I would alternate upper/lower body throughout the week instead of splitting your upper body up. As for running, this does not build up your leg muscles. Running is cardio. Cardio burns calories. YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO MUCH OF THIS WHILE BULKING.


Read up much more on this site, and you should be able to find articles geared towards scrawny guys trying to bulk.

Let's recap...

  1. No HOT-ROX.
  2. No cardio.
  3. Eat a ton more.
  4. Work your legs.
  5. Worry about cutting fat later.

Anybody want to add anything else?


Welcome to the Nation. I think the first thing you should do is find a nice, thick skin, b/c some of the people around here like to make their points rather bluntly and straight up. Nothing wrong with that per se, but it sometimes starts to creep in when people forgot what it's like to be new and not know everything.

Ok. you CAN, in fact, cut fat and gain muscle/strength at the same time with cardio, diet, etc. added in to weight training ( if everything is dialed in to perfect detail) but the gains are SLOOOOW. It's basically riding the fence, and I don't recommend it to you because trying to juggle the details and plan things out will kill you at this stage in your training experience. Learn, do, repeat. After a longer time, try experimenting.

1) Train your freaking legs.

2) Train your freaking legs hard.

3) Train your freaking legs harder.

You get what you train for. If you want strength and size, running ain't gonna work. Running has uses to cut fat/weight/increase endurance, etc., but it doesn't work to build strength or muscle size. At all. Period. Ever. Unless there is some kind of pecific carry over from anearobic power training and other specific protocols designed for short term power production, or other athletic endeavors (short sprinting, speed skating, etc.). Even then, I think it's mostly the weight training the athletes do, regardless of the time they spend on their legs. Check your other thread for other advice.

Oh yeah, and because legs make up most of your bodily muscle mass, training legs hard with full body movements like squats and deadlifts enables your nervous system to be strengthened better than small isolation movements. It also places more stress on your muscles, making it better for mass gains (not only in the legs, but also the back and shoulders. After all they help support the weight).

Oh yeah, one other thing. If you want to bench more, you need to train your legs. There's the carryover effect on your nervous system I just mentioned above, and coach Charles Poliquin (and others) mentions that if you get your body out of proportion by training only certain aspects, your body shuts down to avoid any more imbalance/injury potential. Not to mention that squats and deadlifts burn more calories than isolation movements. There's your fat loss/bulking combo right there.

As far as breakfast goes, don't worry about making it low carb. You're 14-15%bf according to your other post. If you concentrate on increasing muscle mass and strength, you may start to lose a little bit of fat from the increase metabolic demands on your body automatically (because you're new to this thing), AS LONG AS you keep your diet under control (ie-don't rationalize bad choices, don't cheat, don't cut corners, don't skip meals, get protein, get healthy fats and carbs) and don't up your calories incredibly. Maybe not, maybe you need some cardio too. You can figure that out later.

Breakfast= best time aside from post workout shake/meal to have carbs. You need to replenish stores from the overnight fast.

Bottom line, carbs or no carbs, just make it healthy. Low carb meals are usually better utilized in the evening, assuming you aren't training then. If you do train then, don't sweat the small stuff. Get your carbs after your workout and don't worry about it.

Just get healthy food. Work out the details (when to have carbs, if you want to have carbs, when to have healhy fat, etc.) as you go. Just make sure you get healthy food in you every time you eat (Milk is good in a quick "food emergency", no not chocolate/flavored milk, especially not soy milk), and MAKE SURE YOU GET GOOD PROTEIN WITH EVERY MEAL/SNACK. And a lot of it.

Hope that helps. Good luck.


Also eat more. And limit the cardio unless you are running for a competitive sport, or you need to run for football/basketball, etc.

And work your legs.


Would you be able to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time if you say... eat slightly less or do more aerobic exercise but still keep protein? I'm talking very sloooowww fat loss over a long period like say.. a year?

You know, kind of like how fat people get in shape.

ps. sorry bout the retarted phrasing. it's very late.


Yes. I guess anything is possible. But really- who has the motivation to stay with something for that long without seeing much in the way of results. You would also have to be pretty fat, and not just slightly overweight.

You are better off to pick one or the other. If you want to lose fat. Diet wstrictly, eat lots of protein, and weight train. You will lose fat, maybe add a slight amount of muscle, but really the goal is to lose as little muscle as possible while dieting. If you want to bulk up but not get fat, bulk smart. Go maybe 500-1000 cals over maintenance, train hard, and eat clean. You will build muscle, and burn fat slowly. But agin here the goal is to gain as little fat as possible.


Yeah my post was a little blunt. Sorry about that. It had been a long long day.


Hey it happens some days. I just wanted to tell him to make sure he didn't take it wrong.


after all those posts nobody answered my question. what do you guys eat for beakfast. my dail intake for my weight should be about 2000 calories, so what would be a good morning meal to bulk up. i'm gonna just take your advice and eat more and bulk up for about two months then i'll start doing some cardio and throw iin some HOT-ROX, i'll stop taking them for now and save them for later. also what exactly is Carbolin 19? i saw that it says anabolic. is it a steriod type thing?


Anabolic just means it promotes muscle growth. It is not related to steriods.

As for breakfast, I think the jist of our posts above is that it doesn't really matter what you eat for breakfast as long as you have your overall diet in check and you are making smart bulking decisions all day long. I personally eat oatmeal every day with some low-carb Metabolic Drive, but I'm not bulking. I would probably eat the same if I were bulking but add in a bunch of higher carb protein like Classic Grow!.


Eat some oatmeal with fruit. Add in some Metabolic Drive. Then make yourself an omelette with veggies and maybe a whole grain tortilla. That should hold you for a few hours. I think you need more calories than 2000. I'd eat about 400-500 calories every few hours. Research Berardi's articles. Great info!

Good Luck!


Did you say your daily intake should be 2000 total calories? That is dangerously low. There is no way you are going to gain any muscle on 2k a day. Eat more. You should have 2000 calories in you by the afternoon.

As for breakfast, my usual breakfast is two whole eggs, 200-250g egg whites, two pieces of turkey sausage, a half cup or so of veggies (usually green and red bell peppers), a handful of cashews, a tall glass of milk, and a piece of fruit (and don't forget to take your fish oil!). A couple hours later I usually have a cup and a half of plain whole milk yogurt with a scoop of protein powder and two tablespoons of natty PB, and another piece of fruit.

But the previous posters were right when they said "JUST EAT." You can go the oatmeal route, or the liquid breakfast route (protein shake with fruit, pb, flax oil which should be AT LEAST 800 cals or so). Just make sure you give your body enough to work with after starving it for eight hours.

Good luck man, and in case you didn't get it drilled into your head yet: TRAIN LEGS.

Also on a side note, be careful training chest and shoulders on back to back days like that. Just don't fall into the trap of thinking you have to go to failure on each set. I've had some nasty shoulder injuries in the past, and it was usually because I was being a dumbass and overtraining them. Just be careful. Now go lift and eat.


My breakfast is a cup (precooked weight) of steelcut oats mixed with a scoop of protien powder and a banana, 3 eggs with some cheese mixed in, and a glass of milk.


So, you're going to bulk on 2,000 calories a day? Good luck!

Unless you're tiny, you'll need more calories to "bulk up."

Besides, why does your breakfast need to be low in fat? Granted, you don't necessarily want to have a high-fat meal first thing in the morning, but you don't need to take it to the other extreme.

Three to 4 eggs or more and oatmeal with fruit (and possibly protein powder) is a great breakfast.


Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Depends on my mood, I cant do the same thing every meal, every day it drives me absolutely insane. So I rotate typically between 3 - 4 meals.

  1. 4 eggs, whole wheat toast, grits, 1/2 pound of corned beef, potatoes and a protein shake.

  2. Steak and Eggs. 8 - 16 oz steak 4 eggs some whole weat toast and milk.

  3. Chicken breast and eggs.

  4. Oatmeal, Fruit and Protien Shake. This I do mornings I dont feel like eating heavy.

After my morning clients which lasts until about 10 or 10:30 (breakfast is inbetween 6 - 7) I hit another protien shake and occasionally a snack meal (Tuna/Chicken/Turkey Sandwich on whole wheat or multigrain bread)

If you wanna build, you gotta eat. And keep eating. There will be plenty of time for shredding it off later.


You'll need more than 2000 calories a day. You weigh 160, and you'll be working out hard. You should have a minimum of 5 meals a day (shoot for 6) containing about 500 calories a meal. breakfast, meal, lunch, meal, dinner, meal. One of these meals can be your post workout shake if you need.

5x500 = 2500
6x500 = 3000

I'd get 6 meals a day, personally, but you need more than 2000 calories for sure.

One of the above posters was right. Our point was that it doesn't really matter what you eat at breakfast as long as it's healthy. Could be low fat or low carb. Could even have both, although most of us aren't fans of P/F/C meals.

Off the top of my head, my choices usually are eggs, milk, toast (no topping), fruit, maybe oatmeal. Shredded wheat or fibrous cereal (GrapeNuts/All bran/etc) if I'm in a jam. Sometimes ham, or turkey sausage. In some quantity that approximates 500-600 calories.

If I were bulking, I'd have an additional option: GrapeNuts topped with honey, maybe raisens too. Try it. It's amazing.