Need Bodyfat Percentage Estimation Please

here are the pics

I’m gonna go out on a limb and give the “never as low as you think” answer.



You look to be storing some extra fatty tissue in the chest, is get that checked out.

Thanks for providing a shoe, what size are they? That will help with my estimate. It looks like a 10.5, but can’t be sure.

Nothing personal of course, but most people really have no concept and think having a low bf%, even when devoid of any appreciable muscle mass is an amazing accomplishment.



You’re actually lean for some guy just keeping in shape! Most dont have a clue what their BF % is without a DEXA or underwater weighing. But really, so long as one is lean (which you are) and doesn’t appear fat, it really doesn’t matter, unless for curiosity’s sake.

I think we can all just go by the mirror. If you look fat, you’re fat. If you look lean, you’re lean.

I think you’re 15 - 17% perhaps. Who knows? Maybe a little lower.

Just for discussion’s sake, I’ve noticed that many people, even with a good deal of exercise and not overeating cannot comfortably stay at some desired body fat percentages to appear very lean (not shredded though). They just can’t sustain the amount of exercise or calorie restriction to appear very lean with taught skin year round. Even some competitors are like this. I myself, eating at a caloric level at which I am not over eating, and doing a good deal of exercise, likely stay at 15 to 17%. To maintain a lower percentage would require unsustainable practices.

i am 167cm,57 kg.I have already started clean bulking at 2500 calories

it’s not fatty tissue,it’s scar tissue,had gynecomastia removal surgery 2 months ago

as far as the shoe size is concerned,they are 9s,not 10.5s :smiley:

Is that Blaha in the middle? I listened to you and @BrickHead podcast about his meltdown. Wow. You guys crack me up.

@johndoepls your bf% is irrelevant. My take is there are two levels of fitness (for the general public non BB crowd).

  1. Looks like he works out with his shirt off.
  2. Looks like he works out with his shirt on.

You are level 1. Good work. Now strive for level 2.


Lol - yeah, I think he estimated his bf% at some point and someone pasted his image on there. Obviously most people throwing it numbers are usually very off base.

Glad you like the show. We always have a blast doing them.


I remember the night we did that. It was very fun!

@BrickHead could you post a link to your pod cast? Wouldn’t mind giving it a listen…

I watched an Alan Thrall video where he and a bunch of his gym members did a water tank test in one of those portable trucks.

My Ah Ha takeaway moment? -as long as you’re in the “not fat” zone, you can have a supposedly lower body fat % and actually NOT look as good as someone with a higher body fat %.

Use body fat % to measure fat loss progress maybe, but otherwise it’s just semantics.

Here’s the last one. Check the others on my channel. The Mas Macros Podcast #13: Genetics in Bodybuilding - YouTube

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Thank you.