Need Bench Program Critique

Bench Weaknesses:

*bar was stalling 2-3 in. off chest (when my upper arm is parallel to the floor)

*need to be more aggressive when pulling bar to lower sternum

*of course, heavy tricep work after ME work and a little off the chest work
-medium grip bp
-rack shoulder press, don’t go too heavy… maybe 5x5, leave 2 in the tank even on last set (set pins to couple inches below where arms are parallel to floor)

*and for DE days supp. work:
-8-12 rep/set db press
-8-12 rep/set neutral grip db press
-8-12 rep/set 1 arm bb press

*work on lower mid-point and bottom, not the upper mid-point

*get shoulders healthier
-one arm bb press
-band pull aparts (vert. and horiz.)
-start adding delt raises
-triset the above (not 1 arm bb press)

*use horizontal and vertical pulling

*ME lifts need to hit bottom of stroke and lower midpoint
-medium grip 2-alligator count pause floor press (no accomadating resistance)
-wide grip chain bench
-medium grip 2-alligator count pause 1 board bench

*more speed work with bands (rather than chains)

*as hinted above, more full range pressing

185-190 @ 5’10" hit 285 tonight (touch and go), a few months ago hit 275 at 195-200

What doesn’t work:
-pause pressing off my chest
-reverse band pressing
-I’m iffy as to whether 2 board pressing does anything for me

Next week, I’ll go for 300. I think I’ll have it with the addition of my wraps and smelling salts (285 tonight, but very explosive).

Is there anything any of ya’ll would change?


Too much information?

Here’s the cliff notes:
My bench weakness is 2-3 in off the chest, a nagging right shoulder, and I need to be more aggressive on the eccentric portion of the bench press. I’ve laid out above which is what I think will work out ok. I just want to optimize the next 8 or so weeks (2 weeks per ME lift).

What do ya’ll think will be most effective for working these weaknesses?

Have you tried floor presses? Seems like a good idea in your situation.

[quote]Cerebral_Balsy wrote:
Have you tried floor presses? Seems like a good idea in your situation.[/quote]

Oh yeah, I’m including it as an ME lift. Does it work very well for supplementary work? I haven’t used it for that before.