Need Bad Batch Opinions

Purchased some UGL grade in 2008 from a company that used to be BRITISH if you know what I mean? They also love labs so much they put it in their name. I have pics and batch #, but I don’t want to use and it waste pins unless I can possibly find someone reputable who has used their stuff from this time period, even better this batch #. PM me…Thanks.

I used 3 vials of their test e on my last cycle and felt it was underdosed.

Here is the link to the my cycle thread:

and a seconf thread I where I tried to determine if my gear was legit or bunk:

Hope this helps…

Thanks man…my test is of the company that produced your orals. One of the batches from mid 2008 also…green label white cap. I checked out the serial on their lab site and it checks out fine. I’m sure it is a legit product, I’m not sure however of how well it’s dosed as I read they had some bad batches.

I do have the batch number. I’d be surprised if noone responds to this, I wouldn’t expect most of you guys to be using HG only and I remember this company being rather popular…not so much now though.

When in doubt: up the dosage.

[quote]Growing_Boy wrote:
When in doubt: up the dosage. [/quote]