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Need Back Squat Help/Tips



Sorry for the short video but it looks a few things are going on with my BS.

  1. I’m rocking instead of being stable

  2. Butt-wink --> I think this is due to tight hamstrings/glutes/hipflexors. I’m breathing in correctly and bracing my whole core/hip area. Doesn’t hurt at all, but looks like my hip is tucking. Any ideas?

I don’t think it looks too bad, minus the lower back rounding.

Any tips/help would be appreciated!


Yeah, stop rocking. Stay tight, and don’t stop and look down at your feet between every rep. Keep your back tight hold your air and keep your head neutral or looking up slightly. You need to sit back more on to your heels, not down on to the balls of your feet.

Also, that weight was entirely too light. Its impossible to pinpoint your weak points watching you squat weight your grandma can squat. Post a near-max attempt so we can find your sticking point.


Thanks for the feedback man. I’ll pay attention to the those ques when I squat next. So I just started back squatting again, so I won’t be going to a near max anytime soon lol. I just want to make sure my ques/form is a tight as can be as I add weight to the bar.


You won’t know that until you’re closer to your max. I figure anything you would struggle to do more than three reps with would work. Anything less and it’ll probably be too light to bring out any weaknesses.


I can’t see anything wrong with it. But as said above it is a warm up weight for you. To echo what is said above try not to work your way into the lift, which is easily said of course, but not so easily done.