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Need Approval for First Cycle


Hello everyone, i am new to these kind of forums so excuse me for any amature statements. i am excited to meet the VETS and learn about bodybuilding which is my overall goal. ill first explain what im trying to do. I am simply trying to build a good physique and of course lower my body fat. This is my first time on this forum and im hoping to get some advice from the VETS and of course learn. Yes this is my first cycle and yes i have done research and prepared for this for a while now but as you can tell i still have not started my cycle because i am here :slightly_smiling: still asking questions. I just want to get the most benefits out of my first cycle and not mess it up. Alright here we go
Test Enanthate (TE250) Weeks 1-12 500mg/week
Arimidex Weeks 1-12 .5mg EOD /week
Clen Week 6 20mcg
Week 7 40mcg
Week 8 break
Week 9 break
Week 10 20mcg
Week 11 40mcg
Tomaxifen Week 15 40mg ED
Week 16 40mg ED
Week 17 20mg ED
Week 18 20mg ED
I am 24 YO 6’1 230lb @ 18%BF
Currently consuming 4500 calories/ 260 g protein/ 50g fats/ 80g carbs …thats a rough estimate on the carbs and fats but protein and calories are on point.
Gym schedule= 2 muscle groups per day, always mixing up muscle groups every week


Dear (Gotgains),

The VETS have received your official request to run a cycle of (anabolic steroids). The VETS panel will recommend that the Tamoxifen dose be reduced to 20mg ED for all 4 weeks of PCT, and to taper the dose for 2 weeks following that. This alteration is recommended, but not required. The VETS officially approve (gotgains) to run the above cycle of (anabolic steroids) as is, or with the aforementioned alteration.



Flip, You forgot to tell him to send the $100 approval fee to my PO box:slightly_smiling: