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Need Appetite Stimulant While On

Can anyone give advice on what I can do to stimulate my appetite while on a cycle of Dianabol and Test? I am not eating enough, and am actually getting leaner. I just don’t have much appetite during the day while working. I need some type of appetite stimulant.

Well you could go the anabolic route and run some equipoise with it, that is notorious for reving appetite up. Or you could go the recreational route and smoke some essence in the evenings, that is a sure fire method to eat more.

Some manufacturers make a dbol that is combined with an appetite stimulant. I cannot remember the name of the chemical but it is apparently quite effective, however it can make you drowsy. If you look around i’m sure you can find the name of the chemical.


For whatever it’s worth…


I didn’t really look into this stuff too much, but I was curious myself about how to stimulate appetite during a MAG-10 cycle, so I ran a search.