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Need Anti Estrogen During TRT?


I recently had gynecomastia surgery. My question is will I still show symptoms of high estrogen such as sleep deprivation excessive fat and such. Will I still need anti estrogen while I’m on trt therapy?


gyno came before or after TRT ?


Always had puffy nipples. I started TRT 6 months ago. I am a firefighter at
a very busy dept, our sleep cycles are jacked up
I tested at the top of the chart for estrogen. Doc put me on DIM and TRT.
Strength gain improved put on muscle but struggle with sleep and belly fat
even after eating clean. Frustrated! Thanks for reply!


you should use anastrazole to control estrogen. see some stickies about that.
you r probably aromatizing too much …
usually docs are nt very sensible to this issue. Mine once said that he only treats estrogen above 50
DIM is not that usefull!

How long was your surgery?.. I am planning mine in a couple of weeks… Oral AS induced (first time ever and get gyno, although nipples are ok)
did had lipo ? peri npple incision ? how are the scars ?


Easy surgery I did not need lipo. It lasted 2 hours I was awake the whole
time. One week out tomorrow and scars already look great. The worst part
was the drain tubes for a couple of days afterwards. I honestly thought it
was worse going to the dentist! Very satisfied it only cost $1,100 because
I stayed awake. Thanks for your replies.