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Need Another Form Critique - Hang Power Clean

OK, today had been my second time with the hang power clean, and i would like to get another opinions about the form now.
im sure its not perfect, but i hope its better than the last time:

ok, so here are 2 sets i did, the second is done with light weight.

http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1720435/hang_power_clean3/ -ignore the first rep on this one

Looking pretty good. Keep adding weight and working them. Post more videos at 135 so we can see how it looks after you’ve progressed a bit and are using some heavier weights.

Good job on reading the advice and putting it to use.

I will try keep it up.

I would say the form is there. It might be benefictial to get a deep hip drive but the form overall is good.

A lot of the time with Oly lifts its easier to maintain form with some substantial wieght on the bar, becuase it forces you to use better form. You really have to drive your elbows up and keep the bar close to your body or you wont get it. My advise is to go a little heavier so you get a real good feel of the lift.

Well, i need to be sure that im doing the lift the right way before i just bump a load of weight on the bar…
It was only the second time on doing the power clean, and im not 100% sure about my form.
I would like to get a coach but, there is no one in my lame gym.

Learn how to jump and land with the bar in a quarter front squat position. Just keep practicing and learn the front squat if you haven’t already. You will get better the more you do it!!!