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Need Anavar and Diet Advice


Hi guys,

36 years old, 6'0", 185lbs, somewhere between 20-24% bodyfat. Going to start taking 50mg anavar ED for 8-10 weeks (might bump up the dose after awhile if I see everything's OK).

I'm looking to shape up my physique. I'd like to lose as much bodyfat as I can and retain (ideally gain) more muscle and get that hard, dry look.

I'm training 4 days a week doing 15 minutes cardio, 45 minutes weights, and another 15 minutes cardio to end it. I will add a 5th day of mostly cardio time permitting (my work week changes constantly).

I put together a diet where I would be eating 270g of protein (40%), 272g carbs (40%), and 65g fat (20%) for a total of 2700 calories. I'd like to know what you think about my daily intake. Should I be lowering my calories even further since I'm trying to cut? Should I be INCREASING my calories due to the anavar?

What are your thoughts on this?


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Guys... I really need your help with this. I'm torn between going really low calorie to burn fat or going really high calorie to pack on more muscle which will assist me in burning more fat later on. I'm just wondering which scenario would be best suited with the anavar? Which scenario would allow the anavar to make the greatest amount of improvements?


Well you should be able to find decent fat loss advice by reading the articles elsewhere on this website, and I probably shouldn't be giving advice but:

  1. eat carbs only at breakfast and after working out or cardio

  2. split your weightlifting and cardio into 2 separate sessions per day


I'm beginning to think that anavar would do best on a higher calorie diet. I'll bump up my calories to 3500, 40% protein, 40% carbs, 20% fat. I'll monitor my bodyfat each week and figure out how many calories I need to add or remove for optimal lean growth. If I can manage to put on enough muscle it will make it all that much easier to burn the bodyfat later on. I think that adding more muscle to my frame would be a wiser decision than trying to strip away fat on a 'smallish' body.

It's a shame I didn't get more feedback from you guys... whether it be good advice or flames... any information would have been good. I'll post back at the end of my cycle to give the week by week results.


I'm no expert, but I say-

  1. You don't need steroids yet, you can lose plenty of fat and gain some muscle without steroids.

  2. You need testosterone with your anavar.

  3. You need to do a lot more research.

Good luck.


AAS supplement your diet goals. Not the other way around. You dont pick diets based on drugs. You pick a diet based on your goal.


you are in no way ready to use these drugs. You are 6 feet tall and weigh 185lbs at 22% bodyfat!!!


Alas, what bonez said...


Most people I know want to add muscle and lose bodyfat. Each compound has different strengths. You wouldn't use DBOL on a low calorie diet since it's used for putting on size and you wouldn't use something like Clen on a high calorie diet since it's used for losing bodyfat. However, anavar is one of those 'in the middle' types of compounds. I just happened to get my hands on some. I need to add muscle and lose bodyfat. However, I'm trying to figure out which scenario the anavar would be able to do me the most good. Do I ramp up my calories and try to bulk with it (which is one of my goals) or do I cut calories and try to lower my bodyfat with it while perhaps gaining a touch of muscle (also one of my goals). Where would the anavar give the most benefit?


Is there a reason why you picked the 40/40/20 macro split?

Ever try carb cycling?

Like Bonez said, get your diet right before you add in anavar. Everyone and their mom wants to lose fat and build muscle at the same time, it take dedication, hard work, and time.

If I were you, I would focus on losing BF before bulking.


I would absolutely NOT try to bulk with anavar.


clen isn't a aas. have you even read the stickies, before planing your cycle. listen to the vets, you'll learn a lot. I have.


I am QUITE aware that clen is not an AAS. I said each "compound" (ie drug) has different strengths.

I have read on several forums of individuals putting on 10lbs of lean mass while doing anavar only cycles. I'd be quite content with 10lbs of muscle for the time being.

I have not tried carb cycling. From what I understand is that you eat little to no carbs Monday through Friday, perhaps with a carb up meal on Wednesday, and then load up on carbs on the weekend. This is similar to the Anabolic Diet which I tried awhile back with 'some' results. As for the 40/40/20 I needed the protein to be high enough and needed the carbs to be high enough as well as that's what will be fueling my workouts.


Mancini doesnt need any lecturing.

I'm coming into this a bit late. Anavar only bro???? Why damnit?

Whats your diet look like when you're bulking?



Hey BMC... long time :slightly_smiling:

I'm still not ready to inject.. it's a major fear that I can't get over. For those of you who want to tell me "If you're not ready to inject you're not ready for AAS", then blow me. I've read COUNTLESS threads of people doing INTELLIGENT oral only cycles with decent, keepable gains when done properly. I'm just trying to educate myself. I'm not trying to put on 30lbs of muscle. I just want to put on some lean mass, drop some body fat, and get a nicer shape and get really strong while doing so. I'm certain that 50mg anavar along with a decent diet and hard training will give me a definite boost in the right direction.

For those of you who say that I still should work on my diet and training for the next several years before touching any AAS is LAUGHABLE. Why? Two reasons. There is NO WAY that all of you waited until you hit your natural physical peak before doing AAS. The majority of you did it early on because you wanted to reach your goals faster. Then, after you got huge, you spend your time lecturing all the newbies that they shouldn't touch the stuff. Drives me nuts. Secondly, I'm not 18 years old anymore with my testosterone through the roof. I'm 36. I'm not growing at anywhere near the rate I used to when I used to eat HALF the calories when in my teens and early 20's. Any increase in testosterone will be welcome at this point.

Here's what I've been doing so far:

Breakfast (9:00am)
2 cups whole milk
2 tablespoons flax seed
3 scoops protein powder
1 apple
5mg creatine
Fish oil caps

76g protein, 62g carbs, 28g fat, 805 calories

Snacks (****DIVIDED INTO THREE MEALS**** 11:30am, 4:30pm, and 9:30pm)
3 cups whole milk
3 tablespoons wheat germ
1 cup oatmeal
4 scoops protein powder
3 tablespoons flax seed

129g protein, 135g carbs, 27.5g fat, 1465 calories

Lunch (2:00pm)
240g chicken breast
1 cup basmati rice
1 banana
1 apple

62g protein, 105g carbs, 3g fat, 685 calories

240g chicken breast (sometimes replaced with salmon)
1.5 cups rice
Fish oil caps
5mg creating after my workout (taken with my 9:30pm snack)

63.5g protein, 73.5g carbs, 3g fat, 575 calories

DAILY TOTAL: 330g protein, 375g carbs, 61g fat, 3530 calories

Workouts take place between dinner and my 9:30 snack


And some guys only gain 6 pounds a year who stay on 3g+ all the time. They happen to be guys competeing in the O but that's my point. It's all relative.

For example you have clowns posting their anavar logs saying they gained 10lbs. Before and after pics were posted and the only thing different is the kid is wearing different undewear (hopefully). An untrained body running var for a few weeks has a chance to see worthwhile gains.

I'm not saying dont run var but know what youre getting into, for the price. I'll repeat, any steroid can be used to bulk or cut. If I wanted to drop weight and dbol was the only thing available, why wouldnt I use it? Because of water weight? That shit will come off a few days after anyway. It's all about the diet.

And for the record I've done var only. I think it was 70mg/d for 8 weeks. I got stronger. Not much bigger at all. It's not worth it. I actually consider it a completely useless drug for bodybuilders. That is of course, nothing else is available.


Youre right at about what I do daily about 4000cals. I havent cut in quite some time, but I drop to about 2500 cals and it has worked for me quite well. I cut my carbs a bit to when they are necessary & make sure my training is on point.

I hear ya about the injecting. It took me quite some time and quite a bit of soreness from my shakey hands before I got comfortable with it. I would keep an open mind as far as what to expect during the cycle. I can only think of one person thats completed this cycle and liked his gains.. I believe he was doing 60/70mg ED for 6 weeks? Id have to check with him to confirm, but i believe he gained some strength and a few pounds. He did get some hardening but overall seemed pretty satisfied.



And yes, it has been quite some time.



So, just to give an update if anyone's interested...

Started 50mg anavar ED two weeks ago. Starting weight was 186.8. After one week my weight jumped to 190.3 but definitely felt nothing from the anavar. Second week weight went up to 191.6 and starting to feel more pumped in the gym. So far, I gained a total of 5 lbs. As of yesterday (2 weeks into the cycle), I bumped up my dose to 60mg to see how it goes. Today I noticed a more full feeling in my muscles overall but nothing significant. Nothing at all like the anadrol/winnie stack I did a year ago.

My question is this: should I simply end my cycle at whatever does I'm taking at the end of 8 weeks and start my PCT or would I be best doing a gradual taper? Maybe something like this?:

Week 1 50
Week 2 50
Week 3 60
Week 4 60
Week 5 70
Week 6 70
Week 7 40
Week 8 20

Or should I just finish on a high note?


No reason to taper down. That's a bad idea actually.