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Need an Oil Pan for Mitsubshi Galant


i have a 2000 Mitsubishi galant es with a 4 cyl 2.4 L engine. I need an oil pan for it. its 200 dollars for just the pan plus labor through the dealer and im having trouble finding an after market replacement. if anyone can help me locate one it would be appreciated.


Look on the internet???????.

I found one in about a nano



evilBay to the rescue. Looks like a used part that may fit. have you tried a salvage yard? They may be reluctant to part out a whole engine and don't usually salvage things like oil pans. But it could be worth a shot.



holy fuck man do it yourself, that's a pretty easy job, save labor at least


Go to a pick your parts place, there is one here where you can get any part for $20.


wow thanks for the helpful advice. yeah its really easy to find the 3.0 L V-6 engine oil pan. there a dime a dozen. the 2.6 L 4 cylinder oil pan however was not so easy to find.
Grow up and try helping someone for a change instead of being a sarcastic troll


Thanks for the advice. the oil pan there is for the V-6 model but thanks anyway. I tryed the 2 u-pull-it parts yards around my house and i had no luck. Come to find out they dont make the pan after market. i searched online for a few hours and finally found one. Not as cheap as i liked but it wasent 200 bucks either.


haha yeah im such an asshole.

Me just saying look on the internet is oh so hard.


Just trying to help. I was in the car business for years myself and generally know how salvage yards work and have searched for many parts over the years.

Parts for your car are not as plentiful and not nearly as cheap as they would be for Hondas and Toyotas for example. Oil pans are not something that can be re-popped and get back the investment on the tooling very quickly either. The best source new is from the dealers as they only carry the real deal oil pans.

In salvage yards, if they keep an engine, it is for resale or goes to a rebuilder. Or they get scrapped for weight. You might get lucky searching around scrap yards, but most are reluctant to sell parts.



You were right about it being much easier to find the 6cyl...I was getting pissed there for a second. But here are some 4 cylinders...

Here is one at Express Auto Recyclers for $85.00

Here is one at World Auto Parts for $75.00

Here is one at Ross Auto Parts for $75.00

And here is the pan gasket...you'll need this if you are going to do the job yourself...



thanks for your help guys. i appreciate it.



Try this site too.