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need an honest answer

I just started my 1st “cycle” ever. I got 200mg of test-depot by Upjohn. I’m 28 years old 5’10’’ 225 lbs w/ about 12-14%? bodyfat. I’ve been lifting for about 12 years and 5 years very serious. I’m not trying to win any contests, just want to break some size and strength platues. O.K. is 1 to 1.5 cc a week for 8-10 weeks going to be good at all and is it all I need to take??? This web site is a true breath of fresh air!!!

Karder42, 200-300 mg a week of test in my opinon, and the opinon I’m sure of most guys on this site is a big waste of your time. Hell,200mg could be considered hrt (hormone replacement therapy) Since you are new to the site I should let you know that the site has hundreds of archived articles on steroids, lifting, and nutrition. You only need to use the search function on the left of the screen to access this. Please take the time to do research. Get to know exactly what drugs you are putting into your body and how, and why, and what the sides are. If along the way you have any questions we would be happy to help you out. But I think for now your best course is to abort your cycle and do some more research - knowledge is power

P-22 p.s also check out Bill Robert’s site: meso-rx.com there are lots of articles archived there as well as more drug info.

if you dont want to compete and just want to break some plateaus why dont you try tweaking your training and or diet, or go the legal route with some mag 10?

As my friend, P-Dog, said, try Mag10. But, also, I would say lose some bodyfat first even before you use Mag10. Start out lean unless you just want to be a big, fat, strong guy. Not that’s there is anything wrong with that.

To add to what the bros already told ya - Upjohn is highly counterfeited in my experience.

I’m assuming you have a 10cc 200mg/ml bottle. If so, then you need more. An average and moderate first cycle typically starts with 500mg/wk test + something else like dbol at 20-30mg/day.

If you wanted to run 500mg/wk, with the standard first week frontload, you’d be done with your bottle by week 4.