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Need An Honest Answer: Normal T Production After TRT?

Ok so I have read a ton of conflicting information online regarding TRT and am hopi geo get some legitimate information from some folks that may have had some solid experience to help shed some light.

One you go on test, can you come back off and get back to your natural production levels?

Every other person I ask, article I read has a complete conflicting answer than the previous. My doc…well anti aging clinic doc point blank indicated no, you can not come back however the majority of info I read goes the other way. What gives?

Reason I ask, I’m at 545 but have sever symptoms even though exercise and clean diet are in place. If test doesn’t help I want to be able to drop it and move on.

I answered that in your other post. Also, see the HPTA Restart topic.

You did and I appreciate your response. I read through the information however it wasn’t but a week and my “doc” informed me tat regardless of what I read I’m done done once I start and will not come back. I’ll admit that i don’t know a whole lot about this and trying to cram as much info as I can to get up to speed but it’s all very intimidating for someone not familiar.

I want to feel better however I do not want to risk my health. I hear about all of these people that do this in cycles and walk away just fine so I have to believe theres a way to drop it but I don’t have confidence in myself to understand how to self administer my way off of it.

I’m three injections deep at 100mg deep and don’t feel any difference. My “doc” claims I’m already to late to stop which I have no idea if thats true or not.

Should I drop test, just run with the Sermorlin / ghrp1, gorp6 for six months and see if that helps before jumping on the test bandwagon?

You’ve got many issues that are confusing you. First of all, you feel bad but your test levels are good. If I were you, I’d look at issues other than your test levels - 545 is good. You can raise them with exercise and cutting soy, green tea, etcetera, but 545 is good.

If you try to find out why you feel like crap with good test numbers, then TRT is not an issue and you can stop obsessing about it.

Three shots is by no means too late to stop. You may need to run PCT, but it is not too late. The reason why TRT is considered for life is because people usually go on it once they have exhausted other possibilities. If you’re hypothyroid, you can fix that without TRT - it’s a last option, hence for life.

That being said, three weeks of TRT is too early to feel significantly better. I didn’t really notice any bump until five to six weeks, and continued to have improvement probably for the first year.

I know some of the obstacles to narrow down your issues are problematic, but if it keeps you off TRT it’s worth it. Follow KSMan’s advice and you may discover you just need to use salt to feel better. If nothing works, and you do end up on TRT, you haven’t lost anything. And, after 15 months on it, I feel pretty fucking good…but my test levels are only 650 on it, so I don’t think that’s your issue.

Good luck.

Appreciate the response. So if I go ahead and pull the plug now how will I know if I need PCT and where can i get that?

TRT is not a “cycle”.

^ 545 isn’t ‘good’. OP I bet you got those taken in the morning, in the afternoon your T drops to 400’s which is even worse. I actually have the exact same situation as you bro! I’ve got all the symptoms and I’m strongly considering hopping on. I just want to feel good. The only symptom I don’t have is inability to gain muscle

I’m just extremely tired all the time, no drive, libido, or zest for life. Do you have symptoms like me?

I was testes at 9am yes. In the mornings I actually feel pretty good and it isn’t until the afternoon that I start to feel it. There’s been times that I’m falling asleep in traffic at 5pm and usually can’t make it past 8-9pm even on the weekends.

Sex drive is not really gone but on the shelf because I’m too dan tired to do anything about it. No morning wood period, only get it up when having sex but now random pop ups. Putting on muscle is very difficult. Exercise daily with a ridiculously clean diet but can’t shake belly chub.

I just have no energy to do anything.

3 weeks in at 100mg/week. Yes you will need PCT because you will be shut down IMO.

100mg/wk once the endogenous test has left your system will probably end up less than your 500+ T youre naturally producing. Too bad you messed with a good thing. If youre young and in good shape youll probably recover almost completely with PCT.

Depending on the lab used, 300-1100 is considered average, or good - that includes troughs, so 400’s is still considered “good,” but, admittedly, not great. Most doctors won’t treat a 545 test level, or even a 400 test level. For what it’s worth, mine was 170, so to me, 545 is good.

Bottom line, the guy feels like shit so he should find out why, same goes for you. If it isn’t low test, and 545 isn’t low, starting on TRT isn’t the answer.

Good luck.

But it does shut down your own production, so he needs to fix that, whether you call it PCT or something else, he’ll need to get restarted. He may restart with time off, but he should get it checked down the road.

Thanks for the feedback. If I just quit without PCT how long should I would to get tested to see if it jump starts on its own?

I kind of figured TST wasn’t going to be it. I’ve felt like complete crap for such a long time that I was really hoping this could have helped considering I’ve tried so many other things. Sleep studies, blood work and various other tests, exercise, diet, mattress, vitamins. After a while it just gets tiring and hearing all of these great stories about TST I had my hopes up.

I’m going through the exact same thing…for what its worth I did read that it usually takes a few weeks to notice the differences

It might be really unpleasant going to zero T for the month or two it will take to recover. Best to have a good plan before you quit.

With Test Cyp or Enanthate you would wait about 12-21 days depending on who you talk to before starting PCT of Clomid or Nolvadex or both. It would be about 4 weeks before the tiny amounts left in your blood would stop inhibiting your gonadotropins. Then they have to respond in their own good time.

So four weeks after I quit my body should naturally start producing on it own? Does the PCT simply speed that up or how does that work exactly?

One other things to add is that I was on tst for a complete total of three weeks (This Thursday would be my fourth pin). Also I started Sermorlin, ghrp2 and ghrp6 at the same time as txt and plan to keep that going. Does that change anything?

Good questions for Ksman. I dont bother with the SARMs as i couldnt get them anyway. Your HPTA MIGHT start to recover after 4 weeks but it would likely be gradual and could take a long time to recover without PCT. Or you might be totally gifted and bounce back.

Thanks for the response. It’s cool that everyone on here is so willing to help out.

So if I am going to go the PCT route would this work?

Weeks 1-4- 40 mg GP Nolva per day
Weeks 1-4 100mg GP Clomiphene per day
Weeks 1-5 1mg GP Anastrozole per day
Week 1- 4,500 iu HCG
Week 2- 3,000 iu HCG
Week 3- 1,500 iu HCG

That PCT is typical bro-science garbage. It will make things worse.

      I answered that in your other post. Also, see the HPTA Restart topic.

So 4-6 weeks of 12.5 mg nolvadex ED.
1.0 - 0.5 mg anastrozole per week then tapper off slowly?

Is that all that’s needed and do I need to wait a specific amount of time after my last pin? I’t’s now been 9 days since my last.

There should not be a pause in hCG before PCT, the idea is to keep the testes functioning. hCG should be 250iu SC EOD. Do not do high dose hCG because when you stop that because after that the testes are getting the wrong signal.