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Need an explanation

It seems that everytime I come off of a low carb(t-dawg) diet and reintroduce carbs I seem to get leaner. For example, I was on the t-dawg for 5 weeks and ended at 1850 calories. My maintenance is around 2600 calories. Well this week I bumped up the calories to 2250 and have lost another pound and have gotten noticeably leaner. This happened last year also which was my last cutting cycle. I also consider myself to have poor insulin sensitivity but maybe I could be wrong.

I’m far from an expert, and I can’t say I fully grasp the T-Dawg diet as I still haven’t taken the time to fully read the print out I did of it, but wouldn’t it be that bumping up your Calorie intake simply spikes your metabolism and kind of “eases” your body into getting rid of some extra stored fat? You end up at 1850 from 2600 Cals you should be taking in, then bump it up to 2250. 1850 seems quite low to me, and that bump up to 2250 may just be doing a whole lot of good to your body.

Seems like there could be a few reasons.

Leptin levels is certainly one of them. If you keep cals too low for too long it should be obvious that progress is going to slow and that bumping up cals may allow for extra fatloss.

Also, you did not say how you were added the cals. If you did this with an extra meal, the TEF may come into play. However, I doubt it would be enough to drop 1lb in a week.

My first 2 weeks on the t-dawg I started out at 2250, 3 week at 2000, 4th and 5th week at 1850. I always consume 6 meals even on a diet. 7 meals if I’m bulking. I was also taking a carb up meal every 4-6 days while on the t-dawg. My carb ups consisted of double the calories as my diet and minimal fat. Just the fat from 15g of fish pills and 10g of olive oil. The reason I ask this is because many people experience a rebound when the reintroduce carbs.

Perrogrande pm’ed this me but couldn’t post:

You are adding back water and glycogen. You are probably pretty depleted, so when you add back the water and glycogen you are filling out, which fills your muscles and adds probably 5-10lbs back to your frame. B/c you were flat and now the muscles are full again, it is probably also spreading the fat over a larger surface area, giving the illusion of leaning out.

Anyone else have this happen?

Yeah, that happens to me anytime I low carb with super hypo hypocaloric phases. My muscles deflate, and I lose a lot of vascularity. Then I reintroduce carbs, and KABOOM my muscles look like I’m on a good 4ADEC cycle, and some bodyfat also goes away as well.