Need an Edge for Competitions

Here is my scenario. I have been lifting for about 6 years now, the first three I did competitive (amateur) power-lifting, now I’m transitioning into bodybuilding. In the next decade I want a pro-card. In 4 months I have two big shows that I want to be perfect for. I have my training and diet, down to the single calorie, for each day of the next four months planned out.

My concern is this, the only supplements I’ve ever used are multi-vitamin (animal pak), protein (muscle milk for off-season, an Iso for cutting), vitargo, and micronized creatine. I’m still making some progress but I feel like everything is just above a crawl. One of my friends that I compete with (against) uses superdrol and pheraplex and swears by them. I’ve hardly taken any type of supplement leaving it mostly to nutrition and exercise, I fear that it may be the time for me to start supplements.

I was just hoping for advice input on any good suggestions, as I don’t want to fall victim to the gimmicks of the internet.

My current stats
6’3" 272 17% BF

Competitions on April 9th and June 12th.

Finally, I am admitting to you my complete ignorance, so feel free to flame me if it really makes you feel better, however I would prefer constructive remarks.

First I would recommend looking into BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) look at in the store at this site and read the article attached to their BCAA product. Second, I would be wary of any “supplement” whose name is derived from an actual Anabolic Steroid as these are often chemically the same or close to steroids just not as potent.

superdrol-your friends supplement
Anadrol-real steroid.

just be careful and research enough to know what your are getting into

Stay away from this stuff your buddy swears by. If its a tested show he will likely fail.

Actual steroids if done properly are actually better for you in the long run.

Like was already said, its time to start reading and researching into the world of whats currently unknown to you. Even if they are somehing that you do not plan to do its interesting to have a good understanding on how they work and what they do within your body.

CT just wrote a great article that might help you out:

You might try a testosterone booster like Alpha Male. At least try some ZMA, it provides zinc, promotes more restful sleep, raises test levels, and it’s dirt cheap!

Will these be ‘tested’ shows? If so, SUperdrol and Pherplex will both give you a positive reading for anabolic substances.


While I understand the importance of research, and am willing to do so, I have no idea where to start. If I ever wanted to get into using real steroids I wouldn’t know where to find them. I will look into Alpha Male and ZMA, thank you. Any advice for above average articles, etc… or a good place to start, would be greatly appreciated.

HOT-ROX get that 17% down as much as humanly possible.