Need an AI with Masteron in My Cycle?

First of all I am 25yrs old 205 lbs about 10 percent body fat this is only my 2nd cycle in one year the cycle I am going to take is tren e 250ml test 400ml and masteron 100ml now i was wondering if I still should take a AI with my cycle becuase some say that masteron acts as an AI And the research that i have done my self suggest the same i wanted to know if anybody else has taking a similar cyle with out an AI and Had littie to no sides.


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I completely missed that you have test in the cycle. Sorry about that.

Keep the AI around and use it if you need to.

Well i am Stacking with test 400 plus im not done doing my research not taking them till i have a full understanding about them

cool thanks yeah my buddy ran a cycle of tren by its self it was not good for him i tried to warn him but he is a dumb ass