Need Alternate Exercises for Chest

Hi Guys !

I have a type III acromion that has caused a supraspinatus tendonitis.

The doctor suggested me to some physiotherapist treatment, then if it does not solve the problem he proposed me an infiltration and then a surgery.

In the mean time, the physiotherapist asks me to stop doing chest and shoulders movements that sollicitate this tendon. Basically, I have stopped doing chest. For shoulders I do lateral raise, upright rows and shrugs. My back workout is still the same.

However, not doing my chest for a couple of weeks bugs me a lot and I was wondering if there are any exercices that I can do to, for at least, not to lose too much chest size and strengh.

So, could you please suggest me exercices and if you have got the same problem tell me how it has been resolved.



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I hope, but sorry if not.