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Need Advise, UK, TRT Not Going Well

hi guys im new to this forum. im looking for some advise regarding my trt protocal. im currently on sustanon at 250mg e2wks obviously this is not a good way to do trt but try telling these uk docs. ive been on trt for just over a year. on my last blood test my total test was 29nmol and my e2 was 44pg/ml shbg 21. it feels like im not getting the benefits from my shots i feel like i have low energy emotional and hardly any lebido.

i informed the doctor that imo my e2 levels is likely the cause but of cause hes reply to that is that its within range and not that high. ive had a recent blood test and my test level was 12nmol 14days after shot and shbg 18 they did not do any other tests! im going to go back to the docs this week and demand more tests inc e2 as i suspect it may be even higher due to my symptoms. do you guys think the way im feeling is likely the e2?

i know it can be many other things but im thinking of getting some teva arimidex and start at 0.25mg e2d is this a good starting dose or should i start at 0.5mg e3d? also what other tests would i benefit from getting tested? im sorry i could not give more info but those are the only blood test resaults i have.

bump, please some replys would be much appreciated thanks.

If you are going to start on arimidex, I would not start higher than .25 every 3.5 days. It’s a powerful drug…start slow.