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Need Advise for Cutting Diet or Meal


hai.. im need your advise..
im 27 yeas old
body weight 78kg
height 170cm
body fat 23%
training giant set everyday 30minnute nonstop
1 set 8 - 10 pattern reps 10 -12

im doing 2 or 3 set perday

chest,bicep&tricep,back,leg,shoulder saturday n sunday rest

i would like to get some rip on my body... im not taking any steroid in this cutting cycle.
i try to do naturally..

now im just taking 1.5kg lean chiken everyday,10 tablet amino acid n two time whey protein isolate..

is that a right way to cut body fat and gain muscle without loosing my weight


Hi guys,,,
You need the following improvement in my view.
1.You need to increase the number of sets per day.Its fine you can skip one day.
2.You are missing Cardio.
DO add the diet plan you are using currently.Or else you doing fine.It's quite good that you are not using steroids.


Is this ALL you are eating? If so, you're not doing it right.


What does this even mean?


Here are some suggestions:

"Briskly" walk for 1 hour after waking; take the amino tablets or whey right beforehand but avoid solid food until after the walk.

Increase the calories quite a bit without increasing too many starchy carbohydrates. Your diet is far too restrictive for fat loss/muscle retention.

Limit carbohydrates to pre/post workout.

Start working some EFAs into your diet if you haven't already. Fish oil supplements work fine, but a few tin cans of salmon/tuna work just as well AND you get extra protein.

Your workout program needs a complete overhaul. Too much detail to go into here... just look at this thread: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/do_this_routine_instead_of_that_dumb_one

Add in one day of HIIT per week as long as it doesn't interfere with your weight training.

Just some ideas... if you were to do only one of them at the least, get your diet in order. The easiest way to figure out fat loss is to track your calories, and make sure to ingest slightly fewer calories than calories you burn. Also ingest an adequate amount of protein (1.5g+ per lb) per day. Limit carbs to pre/post workout. You will lose fat just doing that.

At your height and weight, I would also consider getting more muscular before looking to cut.


Dude, if that's a current photo of you, you are no where near 23% bodyfat. Not even close. In fact if that is you, I wouldn't worry about losing fat or getting 'ripped'. Just keep lifting. If you have your heart set on getting visible abs you will need to lose more fat but ask yourself why you would want to starve yourself and drop your bodyfat % to unhealthy levels just so people can see your abs? Judging by your photo you have a normal, healthy bodyfat%(if I had to guess I'd say you're around 13.5% bodyfat.) You'll need to drop below 10% before your abs will show.