Need Advise for a 3 Steroid Cycle

I have some questions I would like to ask, if anyone here is willing to help, doubt that anyone will answer me here tho. Not sure where to ask.


Hard to help when you don’t ask any questions

[quote]BUDs wrote:
Hard to help when you don’t ask any questions[/quote]



Oh god thats embarassing. There seems to be some text missing in the post.

The question was suposed to be: " This will be my third cycle, I have only done testosterone before at low doses , last time I used 500 test c a week. Now I want to try a cycle that’s a little more stronger.

I’m 6’0 and 87kg

I have been lifting for 5 years. I have never felt any side effects from previous use whatsoever.

Should i be looking at a higher does of testosterone or should I try testosterone with something else?
I have read allot about cycle planing on the internet. My trainer has been doing cycles for over 20 years and has a world record, so he must be doing something right, but he is really old school…and some of the cycles he has been recomending for me dont sound right. So I would just like to see what you guys here would recommend?
I have looked at trenebolone, but the side effects scare me. I’m not interested in deca either. I’ve been thinking about testosterone at a higher dose, testosterone + trenebolone or testosterone + dianabol"

Hope my question isn’t confusing for you guys, I’m writing this on my phone and my english Isn’t that good.

Thanks in advance!


I would add to the test Instead of increasing the dose. Dbol is good to add and you could run tren ace and because of the short half life if The sides get to be too much you can stop the tren and the sides will be gone in a few days. Also if you do decide to run the tren, run it at a higher dose than the test, this seems to Mitigate the sides of the tren.

Thanks for the response!

Something like

75mg ed of tren A ED
and 100 mg of test e EOD?

What should I run for PCT if I add Tren A to the cycle?



I haven’t run tren yet but from my understanding is its good to run the same esters so if your running tren ace you should run test prop but I imagine its doable with the test E.

I believe the tren should be pinned ED so at 75mg Ed should be good and the test at 250-300mg a week into two injections if running enanthate. Get something for prolactin like caber or prami and also an AI.

I’m sure someone with more experience with tren will comment.

Standard pct will work Nolva and/or clomid and also hcg is a good idea a well

I personally think you should check your supplier… 500mg of test a week and you felt no gains what so ever either time. Sounds like your getting fake stuff or atleast grossly under-dosed. I have only ran a few cycles first was 500mg of test c and second was test prop at only 75mg ed and I saw amazing gains in strength any ways…

don’t really have much advice other than d-bol and test e together is abosolutely amazing in my opinion. I was biggest and in best shape ever (strength speaking) with those two… and then the army happened :-(. But Test E 250mg every 3 days for 16weeks and 60mg of d-bol ED for first 8 weeks( kinda long to run a oral I have read and been told but I felt fine ) eguals two thumbs up.