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Need Advice


please bear with me and give me some advice, Im 18 and basically just starting doing weights a month ago. I want to gain more mass and defined muscles, I am quite short (5'5') and pretty light as well (60kg). I used to do weights rarely with completely no schedule and randomly. Since a few weeks ago however i have began a routine everyday which i take roughly 60-75 minutes to finish which i enjoy very much and i feel has been working, I do it at home with some cheap equipment from ebay and department stores.

The routine is this, and in this order. PS: I have no idea, the name of most of these exercises and with the dumbell ones they are all alternating hand not both hand at the same time.

  • Do about 5 minutes of skipping

  • 50 Sit ups on inclined bench

  • 3 sets of lifting 5kg dumbells on each hand separetly, 10x, 15x, 20x reps

  • Bench press 45kg x10

  • 3 sets of kneeling on bench press seat and pulling 5 kilo dumbell back, 10x, 15x, 20x reps (tricep exercise, no idea the name lol)

  • Bench press 45kg, 10x

  • 2 sets of kneeling on bench press seat and lifting 8kg Dumbell up and down, 10x, 30x reps

  • 50 Sit ups on inclined bench

  • 3 sets of lifting 5kg dumbell over head (shoulder exercise), 10x,15x,20x reps

  • Bench press 45kg x10

  • 3 sets of lifting 8 kilo dumbells on each hand separetly, 5x, 7x, 12x reps

  • Bench press 45kg x10

  • lift 15kg curl bar (i think its called, looks like bench press bar?) 4x, 8x, 12x

  • Bench press 45kg x10

  • 50 Sit ups on inclined bench

  • 1 set of 8 kilo dumbells, 12x reps

know, i started reading up on these forums just today and read a few things that made me think im doing it all wrong, i read that theres supposed to be a day for each muscle group and that there should be a rest period of like 2 days or something like that. Since my workout is everyday and basically all muscle groups does that mean it is not effective. I think i get good results from this one but can someone tell me if what im doing is very wrong, thanks alot. PS: i put a picture to show what results i've gotten from roughly one month, sorry i don't really have a before pic.


First learn the names of what you're trying to describe. I have no idea what pulling a dumbbell up and down is since it can be several different things. It can be a curl...it could be a shoulder exercise...I think you described a tricep kickback and well...just learn the names of the standard things and expand from there.

Honestly right now I don't even know how to help you because you don't really know anything at all. Read through the beginner threads stickied at the top. Completely. That doesn't mean you have to use everything you read, but you need a bit more knowledge than what you have right now.



post again after you've read this.